Did Arthur Abraham Lose To An Oscar-Winning Performance?

Cliff EasthamSenior Writer IIMarch 29, 2010

BERLIN - OCTOBER 09:  Boxer Arthur Abraham attends the Vodafone Night October 09, 2007 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo by Tom Maelsa/Getty Images)
Tom Maelsa/Getty Images

I have not been this passionate about the controversial outcome of a fight in quite some time.

I had no intention of writing an article about the fight Saturday night between Andre "The Matrix" Dirrell and "King" Arthur Abraham.

As everyone knows by now, Dirrell out-boxed and out-smarted Abraham, and—in the end—acted his way to a mystifying finish.

Dirrell won nearly every round through probably seven or eight. He even knocked Abraham down with a weak left hand that was delivered while Abraham was backing up, still a two-point round.

That was also the first time the Armenian was ever off his feet in a match.

There was a good sized gash over Abraham's right eye which was looked at by ring physicians. It was caught by the excellent job of the Showtime camera crew to come from an accidental head butt (not mentioned by referee Laurence Cole, so tough titty said the kitty).

In the later rounds Abraham, obviously needing a knockout to remain unbeaten, began to catch Dirrell with some decent shots.

He even knocked The Matrix down but it was ruled as a slip, thus depriving Abraham of a two-point round.

In the 11th round, Abraham was like a dog on the hunt. He was chasing Dirrell all around the ring, hoping to connect with something that mattered.

As he chased Dirrell towards the corner, he tagged him and his head moved back and his legs started to slide. He was on his way down when he was struck by Abraham with a blow of questionable force.

He actually did hit Dirrell while he was down but after watching over and over again, I am of the opinion that it was not a vicious act of an intentional nature.

Should he have been disqualified? Since Dirrell didn't get up and continue with the fight the answer must be yes. Was it deliberate and delivered with malice? No.

All over the world, people are calling for the head of King Arthur, when indeed they should be watching the footage again and again.

If it is watched objectively I don't see how it could be ruled intentional.

Was Dirrell hurt? Yes, but he was not knocked out. He laid down gingerly and then began his best quivering act, in my opinion.

After being "brought around" he was being interviewed by Jim Gray and said that "I was dropped man", meaning that he thought he had been knocked out.

That is weird since he had been told three or four times that he had won the fight.

Post-fight question for you: Where was Cole when this thing happened? Some have said that Abraham had to be pulled away.

He turned around and met Cole half way to the scene of the crime. Obviously Cole didn't know whether to fart or wind his watch.

After hearing Al Bernstein, Antonio Tarver, and Steve Albert of Showtime say that Abraham should be DQd, that is exactly what he did.

Abraham was a frustrated fighter who had been hit with bombs south of the border all night, knocked a man down without receiving credit for it, was butted in the head creating a deep gash, and was just now catching up to the speedy Dirrell.

Everyone in the place was aware that Dirrell was going to meet the same ending as Jermain Taylor did several months ago.

The only chance remaining for the tiring Dirrell was exactly what you saw when he was hit while going down.