Welcome Coach Fran McCaffery To University Of Iowa

Turk SteffensContributor IMarch 29, 2010

I just want to take the time to be the first here at B/R [I hope!] to welcome with open arms our new head basketball coach at the University of Iowa, Fran McCaffery. Along with Coach McCaffery, I extend a great big welcome to his wife Margaret, who was an All-American womens basketball star at Notre Dame, which is also where these two basketball 'fanatics' met while Fran was an assistant coach. They bring with them to Iowa City 4 young children, 3 boys & 1 girl. They also bring a passion for the game like I don't believe we've seen in quite some time. Not that Lickliter, Alford, Davis, Raveling, or Olsen didn't have/bring passion, but none of them had a wife who was ever ejected from a game on the same night that her husband was AND was escorted out by security. Some might call her too crazy or fanatical for Carver Hawkeye Arena, but I'll just call her a blessing to have here and of course "Coach" is too! We need people to lead by example that you just don't sit on your hands waiting to have something to applaud. You bring your "fandom energy" with you as soon as you hit your seat and start supporting our Hawkeyes. Not having the luxury of having season tickets, my wife & I have always been very vocal in our support of any Iowa sport right here at home in our living room. I hope for the next season that Iowa will allow the student section to get down lower & closer to the action like most successful programs do. If you've read any info on this man, his wife & their 'resume', you should have a good feeling in your gut that AD Gary Barta made a really good hire for our "down in the dumps" program. Many, like my wife, who was hoping for a Steve Forbe's hire, will question this until Coach Fran [and wife Margaret] show us proof that this was a wise choice. All of you Steve Lavin fans & fans of other choices we could've gone for will probably get impatient during Fran's first year at the helm. But give the man a chance to prove he can do for Iowa what he did for Siena, N. Carolina [sumptin'-sumptin'], Lehigh & wherever else he's worked in coaching & recruiting [incl. N. Dame] and I'll bet my "Hawkeye" Honda Ruckus "mini-chopper" that you'll all be smiling a lot more come March of 2012. Can you wait it out? I can!