Pittsburgh Steelers: Five Over/Unders For 2010, Which Side Are You On?

Chris MillerCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

PITTSBURGH - DECEMBER 06:  Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers hands the ball off to Rashard Mendenhall #34 against the Oakland Raiders during the game on December 6, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

For the Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 season, there can be no shame in making a bold prediction. Although, predicting on the over/under's below, boldness isn't necessarily a prerequisite.

Below are five statements for you, the reader, to choose the over or the under.

Just how good will your's turn out?

Well first, you have to pick them.

Over/Under: 1,400 rushing yards for Rashard Mendenhall

Although head coach Mike Tomlin stated there will be competition for Mendenhall this season, as there should be in order to push a young player to his potential, it seems certain that the starting running back position belongs to the third year pro.

Mendenhall brushed past the 1,100 plateau last season in a pass-happy offense, and although he was still provided an adequate amount of carries, the third year back rushed more than 20 times in only four games last season.

Some of this, of course, was affected by the constant ever-changing status of Willie Parker.

With the organization promising a return of the running game, will Mendenhall see a significant increase in carries next year?

Or will the ploy of offensive coordinator Bruce Arians continue to display the aerial attack?

Over/Under: 4,000 passing yards for Ben Roethisberger

Despite what some may think, Ben Roethisberger will be the starter for the Steelers this season.

Dennis Dixon, or whomever replacement "hate-fans" have suggested, just isn't going to happen.

Last year, Roethisberger threw 86 percent of the passing yards he accumulated over the course of his first two seasons in the NFL.

Certainly, much has changed since then, although with the organization's desire to return to the running philosophy, Roethisberger's numbers might take a drop next season.

Or will they?

With the signing of Randle El, the Steelers simply have more talented receivers (including Heath Miller) than they have in decades.

Will Arians allow a talented and polished receiving core to settle for 20-25 passes a game?

Miller, rookie Mike Wallace, Santonio Holmes, and Hines Ward all booked more than 750 receiving yards last season.

Now throw Randle El into the mix.

Isn't it tempting to throw the ball?

Over/Under: 30 punts inside the 20 yard line for Daniel Sepulveda?

Steelers punter Sepuveda has a solid two years under his belt (one lost to injury of course) and for the most part, has been widely accepted by fans for his consistently skillful placement of the football inside the 20 yard line.

With astounding numbers that include 57 punts inside the 20 yard line, compared to only six career touchbacks, Sepulveda has similar placement numbers in each of his first two healthy seasons, 28 punts inside the 20 in 2007, and 29 in 2009.

Sepulveda ranked seventh in the NFL in punts inside the 20, although of the six in front of him, only Mat McBriar of the Dallas Cowboys had the same number of overall punts (72).

In fact, of the other five ahead of him, each punted an average of over 21 more footballs last season.

With continued growth and development as a football player, will his numbers continue to rise, maintain, or drop off next year?

Over/Under: Antwaan Randle El throws for one touchdown?

Randle El has four career regular season touchdown passes in eight career NFL seasons.

Will he throw for one this year?

Or might he throw for more than one?

The signing of Randle El has some fans guessing as to what exactly will his role be with the team.

While Wallace has not necessarily solidified third on the wide receiver depth chart, his rookie season surely puts him in as the front-runner for the designation when the 2010 slate begins.

A lot of questions for the experienced receiver on how he will be implemented into the offense. This will all fall on Arians, one who many feel could use a lesson on offensive creativity.

Over/Under: Pittsburgh Steelers win 12 games in 2010 regular season?

Many fans feel last season was simply a fluke, or another Super Bowl hangover. While some believe the team is simply becoming too old on the defensive side of the ball, and the fact that the offense is now too reliant on the passing game.

Whatever the case, the Steelers lost many close contests many feel the team should have won.

The question next season concerns how they will react to missing the playoffs the previous year, and fans surely know that answer.

The team will be fired up to make another run at the postseason, and eventually another Super Bowl appearance.

The most beneficial lesson from last year was the fact that they had to watch the final five weeks of football rather than suiting up for them.

But the schedule will be a challenge for the team next season. The Steelers finished 9-7 in what turned out to be one of the league's easiest schedules in 2009.

Will the team rise once again and respond to what was a failed season?