Raider Nation: Is It Bruce Campbell Or Trent Williams?

Austin SwaimContributor IMarch 29, 2010

Come April, chances are a new left tackle will be in Oakland. I say we should trade Nnamdi too move up and get picks for Suh...but that is a different article


But, even if that scenario works out, we still have a tackle to pick at 8. As a self-proclaimed draft nut, I believe having the most early picks is the best way to build a team. The more the merrier! But, in recent years the Oakland Raiders have had bad success with 1st Rounders. In 2007, I said we should bring in the QB from my favorite college team, QB Brady Quinn. Quinn has showed promise, and HE has not. In 2008, I loved the selection of Darren McFadden, and I will not call him a bust until at least 2012. McFadden has shown promise. In 2009, I was hoping for Oakland's sake they selected Eugene Monroe, and I would have been fine with with either Crabtree or Maclin, but we had to pick Mr. 4.3 40! Anyway, this year Oakland will be looking at a tackle (hopefully).

So with Okung gone at 2, and Bulaga is gone at 5, that leaves Oakland with Trent Williams of Oklahoma, and Bruce Campbell of Maryland. Hopefully we already got Suh at #2 via a Nnamdi trade or something, but if we didn't we will be fine. 

The first I mentioned was Trent Williams of Oklahoma. At 6'5" and 315 lbs, he ran 4.88 40 time at the combine. Only three hundredths of of Bruce Campbell, Williams has also had tape to back it up. Loadholt and Williams were studs in the '08 Big 12 Championship team, and then Williams single handedly saved the life of OU Quarterback Landry Jones in 2009. Williams at LT was the only good Oklahoma lineman last year, and it is no wonder Bradford got hurt. Williams has athleticism, video tape, and versatility. The only real con is his arm length. I think he is a solid #3 Tackle behind Okung and Bulaga, and I think he may be there with Bulaga as the #2. 

The most mentioned name at #8 to Oakland is Combine-stud Bruce Campbell from Maryland. I wish I could tell you I heard his name, but I did not here his name once during College Football Season. He stands at 6'6" and 314 lbs. 1 inch and pound off of Williams, he ran just a little faster than Williams at a 4.85. Athleticism is no question for Campbell, and neither are his physical tools, but what is in question is his video tape. Maryland won nothing, had no significant offense, and Campbell did not at all. Campbell to me is like JaMarcus Russell. No, not even, because Russell won the Sugar Bowl, where Campbell's team went 2-10. The team was awful, and he didn't prove much.

So, if you cannot tell, I am in favor of Trent Williams at 8, because I GUARANTEE he can at least play right tackle, and left tackle is a great position for him as well. Campbell just has no tape to back it up, and I really hope Cable convinces Al to give up a wee bit of physical prowess for experience. One of you Raider fans on here said, "You are racist because you like Williams over Campbell!" Fine, call me racist, I want a good, solid, experienced LT. Oh, by the way, that's not racist.