Cung Le: The Best Person To Beat Anderson Silva

CJ DacontaCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2008

Cung Le, a kickboxing champion who has won several victories in San Shou and K1 matches.  Recently he has switched to MMA and has continued to dominate every opponent that is thrown his way.

Cung Le won his first 4 matches by TKO, but these could be written off since he was not challenged by anyone of high caliber. However, Le was given the chance to prove himself in the octagon. On March 29th, Cung Le fought veteran MMA fighter, Frank Shamrock and defeated him after breaking his arm with a roundhouse.  

Le is now sitting in the EliteXC/Strikeforce middleweight champion spot, and now wears the title of one of the best middleweights in the world.

Many people might think though that this doesn't qualify him as the best person to fight Anderson Silva.  He is fighting in the smaller shows where the talent is not as great.

To truly understand why Cung Le is the best, you have to see his brilliance in kickboxing.  He has wins over great kick boxers like Na Shun, and Rudii Ot and several other big names.  

His technique in striking is flawless, and his takedowns are unstoppable.  Le can often be seen throwing his opponents around like a rag doll.  Le kicks are said to be like being hit with a bat, and that he is the definition of a technical striker.

The reason he could possibly beat silva is because I feel he has better stand up than Silva. Put those two in a cage and they will both put on a show of epic proportions showing a stand up fight like none other before them.