How Tyler Colvin Made The Cubs

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

Credit Tyler Colvin for his superb spring…he earned his spot on the Opening Day roster.

Part of me, however, believes Colvin made the club because of how he handled his MBL debut two years ago.

Due to a rash of injuries and a commanding lead in the Central, the Cubs came calling in September 2009.

Colvin started four games in a row, robbed Ryan Braun of a home run in his debut, but went a paltry 3-for-17 at the plate.

Piniella lost confidence in Colvin and started the then-22-year-old  just one more game the rest of the year.

To his credit, however, Colvin didn’t lose confidence. He handled the situation like a pro…not sulking, not pouting…just going about his business, ready to play if and when Lou needed him.

Until now, Lou hasn’t needed Colvin. But with the skipper’s confidence wavering on Kosuke Fukudome, there’s another chance for Colvin to seize his opportunity.

Colvin’s spring numbers forced Lou’s hand to put him on the team. But this never happens if Piniella lacked the confidence in Colvin’s maturity.

Had Tyler handled his debut poorly, his spring numbers this season may not have been enough to make the club.

Who knew Colvin’s little stretch of games played two years ago would make such an impact today. Probably not even Colvin!