Six Reasons Ya Gotta Love These Blue Devils (Even if You Hate Them...)

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Six Reasons Ya Gotta Love These Blue Devils (Even if You Hate Them...)

People hate Duke's men's basketball team without even being able to explain why they hate the Blue Devils. It's unfortunate, really, because they are really a good bunch...even the snarky Jim Rome-wannabees really aren't paying attention if they've followed the 2009-2010 Dukies all the way to the Final Four and still grunt and groan...

In an era in college basketball besmirched by the "One-and-Doners" who don't even go to class, the Blue Devils stick around for three, sometimes four years. Oh, that's why you hate 'em? You hate kids for graduating from college?

Absurd! C'mon!

Look at the four guys pictured...Lance Thomas and John Scheyer are seniors. Look at how happy they were when they engaged in synchronized celebrations with Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith. You should like that Singler and Smith were bright enough to pass up the lure of the NBA draft. They could've been convinced by some schnook in agent's clothes to apply for the draft and follow Duke guys like Josh McRoberts in the D-League with kids who believe their own hype.

Hate them because they seem to come from families with working parents who pay their bills? them because there hasn't been a basketball payola scandal at Duke in forever.

Just check this're going to love the Blue Devils.

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