The Road Begun AT WM 26

Joel DanielsContributor IMarch 29, 2010

Yes for all those poor souls who are not informed, Wrestlemaina - aka the biggest event of them all - has just passed you by. If you missed it, you can find those detailed results on Because you sure as heck won't be finding them here lol


Okay. Enough of the lame jokes. You all know where this is heading so let me just say it: ORTON WON!!!!!!YEAH!!!!

Alright. I do believe I owe the WWE writers a HUGE apology. And here it is. I am sorry for doubting you WWE writers. Instead of throwing me a knock-off of one of TNA's RARE good PPV's on March 28th 2010, you instead gave me a whole different perspective.


First off, let me just say this. I was all geared up to say goodbye to the Undertaker. Seriously. I am a HUGE Taker fan, but I saw the end for him at WM26. Well, not so, because Micheals has done his last dance and has been kicked out of the academy. He will be missed.

This alone was quite a shocker really. Personally, I thought out of the two Shawn brought more versatility to the table. Apparently that's not the case. However, for obvious marketing purposes WWE decided it was best to stick with the revived T-Rex that kids love to see so much even if all he does is roar now and again.(Heavy sarcasm is here for those who didn't catch it)


Second, I think it's safe to say that Edge losing was most likely the root cause of my sudden pace maker failure. The Jericho vs Edge match was all set for Edge to win just as much a the Batista vs Cena match (where Cena was set to win and did), but somewhere along the line, that didn't happen. Jericho's still - yes STILL - WHC. It's a good move because this feud is hot right now, and it's always best to strike when the iron's hot right?


Third, and most importantly, Legacy vs Orton in the Triple Threat. I wanted Orton to win and for the first time, since Orton won at Backlash 2009, I got what I wanted and LIKED it! Have to admit though, Cody getting punted wasn't on my list-of-things-that-would-possibly-happen-in-the-match. A punt to ANYONE wasn't even on that list. But now Cody's been punted into the afterlife, and Ted ate the ring after a vicious RKO giving Randy a well deserved (yes bias is here) win.


On the side, gotta say I'm happy for Jack being Mr. Money-In-The-Bank. He has deserved a shot since he became ECW Champion (in my mind anyways). And he's got the skill.... just have to work a tiny bit more on that mic skill, and we may have something of a good if not great heel in the very distant future (I couldn't help it lol)


Now with that in mind, I was able to sit down and take a moment to do something I had forgotten how to - and that was analyze. WM is the compilation of 12 months. It is the pinnacle of all the feuds that have funneled into this final point. Mano e Mano (or Mano e Mano e Mano... or Mano e Mano times five). However, what was strange or rather unique about this year was that instead of being the end it was the beginning.


And I find myself not hating the idea as much as I thought I would.


Legacy's feud was indeed rushed, however, WM is just the start for the feud. Yes Cody was punted, but I'm not ruling him out because his character is so versatile that it becomes extraordinarily unpredictable. And that's what fans like. Now that Cody's gone however, maybe WWE will focus on Ted vs Randy for a while and then have Cody come in at some point and do something.


See? It's really guesswork at this point, and having Orton win at WM26 not only made all the fans EXTREMELY HAPPY, but it spoke volumes about how much Legacy has to achieve before they can hope to beat Orton one on one.


Now with Swagger winning the Money-In-The-Bank match we have a wonderful, young superstar who really is formidable in all fairness, now in the run for a shot at the title - thus giving the title holders (I REFUSE to accept Cena as champ under ANY condition) fresh meat in a sense. 

With HBK gone... I don't know about this one in truth. BUT it makes the streak that some - and sadly even myself - had at one point in their life demeaned to being a simple way of keeping Taker in the loop, seem comparable or even MORE than that, to the Championship belts. Think about it, he's won 18 WM in a row (I don't want to hear logistics at this point.... the streak is 18-0. End of discussion). If someone beats him, their career is set in stone really. Having HBK out of that picture gives the young guys a chance to go up against "the man who has never lost at WM" in hopes of being the one to take him down on the grandest stage of them all.

With all things considered, this WM (yes I realize I did NOT mention the Divas or the tag teams, or whatever else happened in between... why? Because they don't matter) did not disappoint. I like this concept of starting future feuds instead of ending them at WM.

My hats off to you WWE writers who occasionally have moments of irrationality and borderline insanity. :D