Trading Nnamdi Makes Us a Better Team

Austin SwaimContributor IMarch 28, 2010

All Philidelphia is asking for McNabb is a 2nd Rounder. Give it to them. Wanna know how?


Trade Nnamdi Asomugha.


Nnamdi has been considered the best player on the Raiders for years. We all know that is BS. The best player by position on the Raiders in Shane Lechler. But in all seriousness, Nnamdi isn't getting better, and our holes have been the same since Aaron Brooks and Warren Sapp's era. We have no pass game or run defense. Pass defense has always been good, even with Philip Buchanon at our #2 DB. We could have 4 of 5 football parts covered rather than 2 of 5 we have now. Nnamdi should be traded to Seattle or San Francisco, both of who have interest. We take both 1st Round Picks for him, we are in buisness. If we trade him to Seattle, we have # 6, 8, and 14...and then no second rounder from the McNabb trade. All three areas could be addressed then. All mock drafts have had one of the two Top DT falling to #6 at Seattle. Whether it be Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh, they are our big guys we need to be premier run stuffers. At #8, we could take either Bruce Campbell or Trent Williams, both are athletic LTs to protect #5's backside. I then say we should trade #16 to New England for picks #22 and #44.  Then at 22, we could select Kyle Wilson from Boise State, who ran a 4.3 40. Al loves those 40s, and Suh, Campbell, Williams, and Wilson all ran great 40s for their position. 

Anyway, then we move to the next few rounds, starting at #44, where we take Brandon Spikes, who will be our MLB. With Morrison and Howard at OLBs around him, Spikes would be a big hitter in the middle. With the front 7 taken care of, we move to the secondary again in Round 3, where we select Patrick Robinson of Florida State, and then we have both of our rookie CBs, such as the Queefs had with Brandon Carr and Flowers. They now have one of the best DB tandems in the league. Johnson and Routt can be mentors who cannot play, but teach. In Round 4, we select Marshall Newhouse, who Al has brought in for a workout. Being a Fridge who ran a 5 flat 40, Newhouse will be tough to move, but may struggle with pass rush. That is OK, with the NTs in the AFC West, we need big guys. 75% chances are NT Mount Cody is coming to the AFC West.

Later rounds are best player availible, starting in Round 5 with center Matthew Tennant, another Raider work out. Building the trenches is all we need, so Bush McFadden and McNabb can do their thing. Round 6 is a full/running back to complement those guys, in John Conner of Kentucky. The guy even looks like Zak Crockett, and he could fill the exact role. FB on Downs 1 and 2, and Short-Yard Back on 3 and 4. Round 7 is a crapshoot, but in the dark, I will throw out the name Trindon Holliday, a RB/WR/KR guy who ran a 4.34 40. The fastest 40 left on the board, you have to feel Al will pull the trigger.


After all these picks, doesn't Suh, Campbell, Wilson, Spikes, and McNabb sound better or does Nnamdi and Campbell? I think the first has more talent for the team, but Nnamdi is the best player their. So what do you think, team or Nnamdi?