NCAA Final Four: West Virginia Vs. Duke Preview and Prediction

Lion's Den U's TheCoachCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2010

Wow, Duke vs. West Virginia... what a marquee match-up of two stellar teams!! Both are playing hot and have great outside shooting and quite frankly whoever plays the better perimeter game is going to take this one.. I am soo pumped it's not even funny!!!

If you want an in depth write up, preview and prediction for West Virginia vs. Duke go to: NCAA Final Four: West Virginia vs. Duke Preview and Prediction and weigh in and vote on who you think is going to the national championship!

The Blue Devils have Singler, Scheyer and Smith who all can take over a game single handily.. when West Virginia spreads the ball around better than any team in the NCAA!!! so glad they both made it to the Final Four, and are playing each other!!