Alex Brown To Hawk? Good or Bad?

Chris MarshallContributor IMarch 28, 2010

Well the new rumor floating around town is a trade between Seattle and Chicago. Rob Simms for Alex Brown. While I believe this is a decent trade it leaves alot of unanswered  questions for the hawks. First as of right now we still have two first round picks and a late second after the Whitehurst trade. What do we do with these picks do we go after Eric Berry a true monster at safety or risk trying o get a safety with the second round pick perhaps someone like Taylor Mays slipping that far. I DOUBT THAT! We definitely need a safety. Or hope Russel Okung drops to us at 6. And can we really get C.J. Spiller at 14. Right now the draft is all up in the air and what about Brandon Marshall? Is that move gonna happen or not? If it does it won't happen till Draft Day more than likely. So If we give up 6th pick for Marshall we will need Simms because our O-line is old and damaged and we cannot afford to lose a decent o-line man like Simms. Walter Jones is old and hampered by injuries. While I love the guy and think he will be a 1st ballot hall of famer the truth is the truth. And Alex Brown would beef up our crappy no stop the run d-line it may damage or offense more than help our defense. I think the hawks have put to much on their plate and don't know what they really want. they need to focus on one move at a time. But the thought of Alex Brown on our d-line is awesome is it really worth it in the long run?