Is It Worth Taking A Gamble on Tim Tebow?

Justin WorsleyContributor IMarch 28, 2010

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators is tackled by Adrian Taylor #86 of the Oklahoma Sooners as Tebow runs for a first down on a 3rd down and 1 in the first quarter during the FedEx BCS National Championship game at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

There has been much debate as to where Tim Tebow might land in the NFL.  Some saying he will fit in on the Washington Redskins under Mike Shanahan while others could see him going in a later round and possibly being a backup to the Tom Brady or another established QB.  

First, I will start out by praising Tebow for all of the accomplishments and records he achieved while being at Florida.  I think that he an emotional player that would bring energy to whatever locker room he is in.  At first, I was a little skeptical if he could make the proper adjustments and thrive as a starting quarterback in the NFL one day but I will admit that his desire to prove the doubters wrong has made me change my analysis of him.

They tell Tebow he throws the football too slow and that his mechanics and footwork is wrong.  Tebow responds by working hard in a span of a few weeks and looked pretty good during his pro day.  If he can make radical changes to his football mechanics in a few weeks, imagine what he could do learning behind an offensive genius like Shanahan or learning from a Brady or Manning for years.  The word fail is not in Tim Tebow's vocabulary.  I've seen nothing but improvement the last couple of months and I could only imagine what Tebow is capable of is given the right personnel to train him.  The guy is special, we all have to admit it and whoever takes a chance on him I believe will see a person dedicated 100% to his job.  The difference between Tim Tebow and let's say a JaMarcus Russell is that you can tell that it's not solely about the money but the love of the game.  Look at the passion and emotion that flows through him and leaks out to his teammates, he is going to be a leader one day.  

And if my memory serves me right, didn't Tom Brady get taken out of the 6th round with the 199th overall pick?  Gems sometimes come from the most unexpected places.

I'd love to see him in Shanahan's offense competing for the starting job.  They can't do much worse than Jason Campbell and Tebow might be the fire that the Washington locker room need.  Take a risk.  It might be the best decision your organization will ever make.