Excited For Wrestlemania?

Colin LucasContributor IMarch 28, 2010

In just a few hours, Wrestlemania 26 will on underway. Matches like Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon, John Cena vs. Batista, Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho vs. Edge are just some matches on the card. With all these big names and big matches tonight, why aren't I excited for this Wrestlemania at all? It seems odd that your biggest show of the year is not worth going to in my mind. Is it me, or is it WWE?

I've been a wrestling fan since I was four years old and every time Wrestlemania comes around, there seems to be great build-up for the matches and the stage is set to have a great show. However, this year seems to be different. This Wrestlemania seems to have just been thrown together in just a short few weeks with little to no hype. Some matches don't even make sense!

Triple H vs. Sheamus match has no reason to be happening. I missed one RAW when I was in Europe and somehow I missed the build-up for this match. It confuses me that WWE can throw something like this at their biggest show of the year! These 2 men haven't seen each other in the ring prior, why do they need to wrestle? It would make more sense if Sheamus stole HHH's tights or something but I have no clue why they are wrestling at WRESTLEMANIA! I'm confused, lost and in my mind, this match could have been done at TLC or some other minor PPV.

I could go into more details of how CM Punk and Rey were just thrown together to make the smarks jizz themselves, how I really don't understand why a 50 year old man who has suffered a stroke is not going to entertain me, how bad the tag teams are, and how 2 old guys trying to top themselves last year, won't, but in the end, it is what the kids want. If the kids are satisfied with a decent PPV that is supposed to be the biggest show of them all, so be it. Time and time again, WWE has let their fans down, but you can't please everyone now can you Vince?