Frank Mir: A UFC 111 Retrospective

The Viper@@BrianMC630Correspondent IMarch 28, 2010

NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 27:  UFC fighter Shane Carwin (R) battles against Frank Mir (L) during their 'Interim' Heavyweight title bout at UFC 111 at the Prudential Center on March 27, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey. Carwin won by Technical Knock Out (Strikes) at 3:48 in the 1st round.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

I was shocked. I was stunned. As I sat in a theater full of UFC fans who were just as stunned as I was. I had just watched the worst beating I had ever seen given to my boy Frank Mir. The last time I saw him beat this badly, was when he fought Brandon Vera over 3 years ago, And that was after his motorcycle accident.


He was supposed to be determined. He was supposed to be the best Frank Mir that us fans had ever seen. Mark it down, we were seeing Lesnar-Mir III whether we liked it or not. (I did). But the beatdown Frank Mir received at the hands of Shane Carwin was even worse than the one he received at the hands of Lesnar at UFC 100.


Frank came out, and after about 30 seconds of feeling each other out, he fired first, failing to connect..... And Carwin pushed him against the cage. Frank thought too much. He didn't control Shane's biceps and right when I saw that I thought there was a problem. I could tell the knees were hurting him too.


After the separation, Frank opened up, but he never landed, and thats when he was pushed against the cage again. That's when it happened. Once again, the biceps were an issue. Shane pulled his left hand free, and began firing. One after the other his punches landed flush, and Frank crumpled. When he tried to roll over I thought he might survive, and maybe pull out an armbar.


He never finished his roll. Shane pinned him on his stomach and fired away until Frank went limp. It was over. I couldn't believe it.


I have three questions that need to be answered:

1.) Why has Frank become so confident in his boxing?

2.) Why does he insist on thinking so much during the fight?

3.) Why didn't he let Carwin take him down?


You may be questioning my sanity at this point, but hear me out. Frank's boxing is good, yes. However, Shane Carwin has cinder blocks for fists. It is apparent, that nobody in the world can take a shot in the head from Carwin and remain conscious. Just ask Gabe Gonzaga. Frank should have tried to get this fight to the ground anyway possible. Thales Leites anybody? If this fight went to the ground, I believe Frank takes it easily. I still believe Frank is the better fighter, but stupid mistakes cost him the fight on this night.


Which brings me to number 2. Why does Frank think so much in the cage? Yes, call him intelligent, call him what you will. But the heavyweights in the UFC are a different animal. They don't think. They fire punches at your face like an f'in missile and one connection can put you out! Don't stand against the cage and think for 30 seconds at a time how to get out of this situation. TRY SOME SH** And IF IT doesn't work, GUESS WHAT! you aren't knocked out! So you can try some other sh**! Standing there wondering what strip club he could go to after the fight, Frank was rudely interrupted by Shane Carwin smashing two lunch boxes into his jaw. Again, Frank is the better fighter, but stupid mental mistakes cost him this fight.


And Number 3. You may be saying, but Brian, why would you want that beast of a man on top of you? My simple reasoning.... Frank can always pull submissions from nowhere. Ask Brock, or Tim Sylvia, or Tank Abbot. The man is a straight beast off his back, so why keep it standing? One quick armbar and its over! You don't need to knock anyone out Frank! Go back to your roots. I think Frank will realize this, and we will see this when he fights again. But, he should be kicking himself for ruining his shot to get back at lesnar again. It will happen someday, but not in the next year. Frank has a lot of work to do before he earns that chance.


I have a couple more things to say. First, we have seen a new force emerge in the heavyweight division. Shane Carwin is a different animal. With that kind of power, anyone is in danger of being hit by one punch. Not only do I think he will beat Brock, I think he will destroy him. Much the same way he did to Mir. Congrats to Shane, I take nothing from him.


Second, Frank Mir will be back. We will eventually see a Mir-Lesnar III. And probably a Mir-Carwin II in a year or 2. The only thing is, Will Frank be ready? I say yes. Not right now, but he will be. He will just use this as more motivation, and get better than he already is. Who is next for him? I think a rematch with Big Nog who has expressed an interest in fighting him again. Or the loser of the Cain, JDS fight which I see happening later this year.


Back to the drawing boards Frank. I hope to see you back here real soon.