Stuckey and Others Will Make Pistons Better

Tony WichowskiCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2008

Ever since the Detroit Pistons lost in game six of the NBA finals for a third straight year, speculation has run rampant concerning how team President Joe Dumars will break up his team’s core. It seems that half the NBA’s all stars has been rumored to be Detroit-bound. The majority of these rumors have amounted to fluff, although Dumars has said that he has not been talking to teams about their second or third best player.

When I am out on the street around Metro Detroit talking to fans about this team, the sting of the loss to Boston still lingers. Everyone seems to have a scapegoat. The fact is, no matter what moves Dumars does or does not pull off this summer, there will be no additions by subtractions. There are no cancers on this team, and there is no Piston who is overpaid. Getting rid of Sheed or another player just for the sake of getting rid of them will make this team worse. 

There is a chance that this team will have a major shakeup, and they also might look similar come training camp, but lets not forget that the Pistons have two young talents in Rodney Stuckey and Amir Johnson who have sky-high ceilings. Throw in Jason Maxiell, Arron Afflalo, Cheikh Samb and Walter Sharpe, and this team has upside that the San Antonio Spurs wish they had. Dumars has said that he plans on no windows closing while he is in charge.

Still, I believe the Pistons will make a major move that makes them better, but patience will be the key...for Joe Dumars and Pistons fans alike.


Tony Wichowski is a writer for the Bleacher Report and the Host of "That's real Sports Talk" on the Godly Network