On The Grandest Stage of 'Em All: Your Wrestlemania 26 Preview

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMarch 29, 2017

John Harrelson/Getty Images

This has to be one of the best Wrestlemania cards in years! Wrestlemania 26 has the potential to quite possibly be one of the best Wrestlemanias that wrestling fans would get to see. I personally, am really excited! You got classics in the making like Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels II (even though it won’t be as good as last year’s it should be amazing), Edge vs. Chris Jericho (clash of the Canadians), The Straight Edge Saviour, CM Punk vs. Mr. 619, Rey Mysterio and many more! It’s looking just simply amazing to me this year round! 

So who’s going to take home the victories on the grandest stage of em all, the biggest pay per view of the year, the largest event of the wrestling year? Well that’s what I’m here for. So sit back and enjoy this Wrestlemania 26 preview! 

10 man Money In The Bank Ladder Match (Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Intercontinental Champion, Drew McIntyre vs. Kane) 


The Money In The Bank Ladder Match is an annual Wrestlemania classic that wrestling fans look forward to every year. You get to see an amazing Ladder Match with all the superstars fighting for that briefcase hanging above the ring. Once that Money In The Bank briefcase is pulled down, the suspense for the superstar walking away with it only increases. Who will he face? When will he cash it in? It’s amazing stuff what that briefcase can do to your career, just ask Edge. 

This year for the first time ever we have 10 men in the Ladder Match. The MITB Ladder Match just continues to evolve, this year’s has the potential to be a real classic. The match obviously has it’s clear favourites if you look at it. Well without anymore delay let’s break it down for you. 

Kane-Kane’s chances of winning are somewhere between slim to none. Kane is thrown into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match every year for that big man presence. He has never won it and I doubt he will. Sadly his talent shall be used to elevate young stars, which is kind of what he will be doing in this ladder match. 

Kofi Kingston-This is a man who stole the show at last year’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Just a few months ago Kofi went through the elevation from a mid carder to a main eventer. The WWE could have it’s next big high flyer here (I like Bourne more personally). Kofi Kingston has unlimited potential and would do great things with that Money In The Bank briefcase. I’m sure he could keep up with the main eventers, no problem. 

Kofi Kingston has to without a doubt be one of the favourites going into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. I could definitely see him taking the match and cashing in the briefcase. Just a random fact here, but in the SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 video game when my superstar was main eventing Wrestlemania, Kofi won MITB. Could that have been planted there on purpose or was it just a coincidence? We’ll see come Wrestlemania I guess. 

Evan Bourne-Time to fly Air Bourne ladies and gentleman. Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a wild ride. Evan Bourne looks like a superstar build for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. He has a great high flying stlye that would go well with all the ladders in the ring. I mean, can you imagine Evan Bourne doing an Air Bourne of the top of a ladder!? That would be a true picture perfect moment. 

Although Evan’s chances of winning the match are not too good, I believe this match will give him a chance to showcase what he really has on the biggest show of the year! I know guys like Adam Testa are absolutely in love with Evan Bourne and for good reason too, but for some reason WWE does not feel the same way. Evan obviously has tons of talent and is looking like he will be the next Jeff Hardy/Rey Mysterio in my mind. This could be step one in the evolution of Evan Bourne. 

M.V.P.-MVP was a man who was at the top of his game a few years ago and it looked almost certain that the WWE were going to push him into the main event. Somewhere down the road that all went downhill. MVP has been stuck in the Raw mid card for a good while now, playing nothing more than a guest host’s favourite for Raw. I do not think his chances of winnning are too good. Would I like to see him win? Sure, but the reality is, it’s not going down. 

Christian-Obviously Christian is going to be considered a front runner for this match. People have been saying that Christian has been deserving of the main event for a while now and I can’t say I disagree with there. Christian is a phenomenal performer that can put on some true classics. The man got his shot at the main event in TNA, but decided to return to the WWE last year. 

Since he returned he has been stuck on ECW. He was ECW Champion for a really long time until finally being dethrowned on the last ECW episode, ever. With the cancellation of ECW, Christian moved to Monday Night Raw. Here he qualified for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. With that wrestling fans have been screaming the Instant Classics name. Will he be the winner come Wrestlemania 26 time? There’s a good chance he will. 

Dolph Ziggler- 

-Hi I’m Dolph Ziggler. 


-Dolph Ziggler 

-Oh that jobber on SmackDown right? 

Dolph Ziggler’s chances of actually winning the Money In The Bank Ladder Match are about as good as his chances of going down in wrestling history as the greatest in ring performer of all time. At the end of the match, Dolph will likely be layed out on the ground looking up at the man holding the briefcase. 

Shelton Benjamin-The Gold Standard has been waiting for his chance for years now! Can Wrestlemania 26 be the time he finally breaks out and joins the main event? Well with the recent face turn, I think his chances should be that much better. Shelton Benjamin was rumored to be up for the Money In The Bank victory last year, but they gave it to CM Punk last minute to give him his second straight win. Will this year be different for Benjamin? For Albert Dankwa’s sake, I hope so. 

Jack Swagger-The All American American is going to be performing at his first Wrestlemania. He’s going to get a chance to capture the Money In The Bank briefcase on the first try too, but if you have any idea about the WWE you’ll know that the desicion will not go to Jack Swagger. Swagger’s chances of winning are as good as Ziggler’s. Which is basically saying, it’s not happening. Feel free to try again next year Jack. 

Matt Hardy-Matt Hardy has been playing his cards right. Ever since Jeff Hardy joined TNA, Matt Hardy has been threatening to make the jump to TNA and so far it has been paying off. This year he qualified for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Matt Hardy has been waiting his entire career to be pushed to the main event. Could he finally be given that chance with this briefcase? People like me, Justin Thomas, and many others sure hope so. We’ll have to wait around for Wrestlemania to get the answer to our question though. 

Drew McIntyre-Ever since Drew McIntyre debuted on Friday Night SmackDown he has been climbing his way to the top like a speeding rocket. Although he may not have gone up as quickly as Sheamus, his push is nothing to laugh at either. Actually I think Drew McIntyre has a legitement chance of winning this year’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. He’s got the talent, he’s definitely got the look and he has Shawn Michaels backing him. That certainly sounds like a future main eventer to me. 

Predicted Match Result: Drew McIntyre def. 9 other men to win MITB Briefcase 

Going to go out on a limb here and go against the favourites like Kofi Kingston and Christian. I personally love what Drew McIntyre brings to the wrestling ring and see great things for this man. McIntyre’s push to the main event could all start right here at Wrestlemania. And be honest with me, if you’re trying to build one of the future’s biggest stars, isn’t Wrestlemania the right place and right time to build him? My point exactly. 

Predicted Match Rating: 5 stars 

10 Diva Tag Match: Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix vs. Vickie Guerrero, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox and Michelle McCool  


 The most recent add on to the Wrestlemania card was this 10 man diva tag team match. It features some of the biggest and best divas in the WWE. Well not necesarily the best because well there’s Kelly Kelly and Vickie Guerrero in there, but some of those divas are truly great. 

Even Eve took steps to improve herself and isn’t half bad these days. Plus divas like Maryse, Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix are some of the best divas in the WWE today. In the beginning I did call that there would be some kind of diva tag match thrown onto the card and here it is. The question now is which team gets to leave Wrestlemania the winners. 

The face divas have been on the receiving end of things recently. On Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown they’d end up losing the matches scheduled. Even though the face divas on SmackDown this week would drive away the heels from the ring. 

Excuse me! 

It looks like Vickie Guerrero will be involved in this one. After what happened last SmackDown where she got absolutely embarassed by the Glamazon when she pulled off her pants, god that was disturbing, she will have something evil in mind. Look for her to add something “special” to this match so the heel divas have the edge. 

Predicted Match Result: Heel divas def. Face divas 

Vickie Guerrero will have a great deal of impact on this match, not wrestling wise, but what she will do outside of the ring will count. Look for McCool or Maryse to get the pinfall victory, got to make the champs look good. 

Predicted Match Rating: 2 and 1/2 stars 

Triple Threat Match: Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes 


The destruction of the Legacy continues and it will all break down come Wrestlemania 26 time when former Legacy members, Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes will face off in a triple threat match. Each of these WWE superstars have a win on their minds for their own reasons. 

Randy Orton, the former Legacy leader will be looking to teach his former stablemates a lesson in this contest. That lesson is never mess with the Viper. Since the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton has undergone a long awaited face turn. While on the topic of the Royal Rumble, this is where this all began. Randy Orton had a title match against former champion, Sheamus. Cody Rhodes ended up costing him a chance to regain his WWE Championship. After the match Orton got, I think mad can be a suitable terms at him. DiBiase came in for the save, but he should’ve just stayed away and saved himself. 

This continued on with Elimination Chamber. Both Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton qualified for the chamber. When Orton and DiBiase were in the chamber they actually worked together at first, but then came Cody Rhodes with a pipe. He got DiBiase a steel pipe into the chamber where he used it to both put out Cena and Orton. Then Ted had a choice, get rid of Cena or get rid of Orton. Ted chose to get his former mentor out of there. 

Since then the three have been going at it with each other. However this has mostly been Cody and Ted vs. Randy to this point, but I have a feeling this Sunday it will all change. 

Ted DiBiase’s face turn was taunted for quite some time, but because of one man saying that he didn’t think that DiBiase would get over as a face they chose to turn Orton face and try it out like that. However that doesn’t mean they can’t and won’t push Ted DiBiase to the main event. I do think his time is just around the horizon and it can start with a win at Wrestlemania 26. Be honest with me, how big would that be for Ted!? I think you already know the answer. 

Cody Rhodes seems like the lost puppy in this one. I believe at some point he will get lost in the mix and just move on to something else while Ted and Randy continue to go at it. Even though I do beleive Cody has worked hard to elevate his game, he’s going to have to keep waiting for his moment. 

2 on 1? 

I have a pretty good feeling that at first this will go Ted and Cody double teaming Orton, but that will all change. Only one superstar can win the match and at some point in the match these two will be going at it and boy should that be good. This match has the makings of a great one, all three men are quite familiar with each other and should have no issues performing top notch wrestling. 

Predicted Match Result: Randy Orton pins Ted DiBiase to get the victory 

Like I said this will probably result in an Orton vs. DiBiase feud. This should be a gateway match for the two of them. Orton would get the pin on him at Wrestlemania to show him he is still top dog. DiBiase would keep fighting trying to beat Orton on a major WWE PPV until SummerSlam time(big 4). There finally, Ted DiBiase will get the win on Randy Orton. Sadly Cody is going to get lost, but for all of you Cody fans out there, no worries I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Rhodes vs. Orton too. 

Predicted Match Rating: 4 and 1/2 stars 

Unified Tag Team Championships: John Morrison and R-Truth vs. ShoMiz(Big Show and The Miz) 


Remember the times when The Miz and John Morrison were dominating the tag team division? Well now they are on opposite ends of a Unified Tag Team Championships title match. Since their spilt on draft lottery day both have enjoyed some ice singles success, but now it comes back to the roots. Back to the tag team division. 

Miz and Morrison finding new partners is a great angle for this Wrestlemania match. Former tag team partners, at one point considered the best tag team in the WWE have split and found other people to replace the other. Now both will try to prove their dominance over the other once again. 

Since their split both men went on to capture their brands respected mid card belt. One difference, The Miz still has his. John Morrison lost his belt to the up and coming Drew McIntyre. Most people expected John Morrison to be main eventing by now, but it has not yet happened for the young man. 

Both superstars stayed in the singles divisions up until recent months where Miz teamed up with the Big Show against DX. The Miz and the Big Show took advantage of a mentally apart D Generation X and captured themselves some tag team championships. 

Over the last year the Miz and John Morrison have met in singles competition as well as a Survivor Series machup. Miz beat Morrison at Bragging Rights and Survivor Series, but this week on Monday Night Raw it was John Morrison who beat the Miz in a one on one match. 

It’s Daniel Bryan! 

A wise man told me about a very interesting possibility come Wrestlemania time. Remember Miz’s rookie, Daniel Bryan on NXT? Well what if he intentionally cost Miz and Big Show the match? Then after that Miz would challenge Bryan to a US Title Match where Daniel Bryan would defeat Miz. This would get Daniel Bryan signed and off NXT allowing him to feud with Miz. Although it might not be likely it does sounds very intruiging and I’d love to see it happen. 

Predicted Match Result: ShoMiz def. John Morrison and R-Truth 

WWE have not been hesitant to put the Miz over John Morrison. WWE is quite fond of the Miz and they know that John Morrison is a sure thing so there is no doubt in my mind that The Miz and the Big Show will win this match with Miz once again being triumphant over Morrison. 

Predicted Match Rating: 4 stars 

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio 


“I can save you Rey.” 

I can save you Rey, that is the story of this matchup. The Straight Edge Saviour CM Punk wants to add another member to his Straight Edge Society, this time he wants Mr. 619, Rey Mysterio. Punk claims to see potential in Rey if he could only accept CM Punk as his saviour. If he accepts CM Punk then Rey will come that much closer to living up to that super hero mirage the WWE fans have made for Rey. 

This all started while travelling on the Road to Wrestlemania. We were on it’s toughest stop, the Elimination Chamber. With the WWE doing Elimination Chamber build up they set up a one on one match with CM Punk vs. Rey. After the match the Straight Edge Society took apart Rey Mysterio. The Straight Edge Society assualted Mysterio twice going into the Elimination Chamber matchup, so it was obvious Rey was going to have revenge on his mind for this one. 

And revenge he did get! Rey Mysterio eliminated CM Punk from the Elimination Chamber ending CM Punk’s dreams of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. The two would continue feuding from there. At times CM Punk would get the better of and at other times Rey would. 

Rey Mysterio ended CM Punk’s dreams of qualifying for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match and capturing his third straight MITB briefcase. This really got under the skin of CM Punk as he seemed to be going nuts over this. 

Just a few weeks ago, Rey Mysterio brought out his family so he could introduce them to the WWE Universe. This was interrupted by CM Punk and his “family” the Straight Edge Society. CM Punk challenged Rey Mysterio to a match at Wrestlemania and a match that night. Rey said it wasn’t the time, but CM Punk would not take that. He even resorted to slapping Rey Mysterio in front of his family, but Rey kept his cool. 

The following week, Rey started off SmackDown by cutting a promo saying that he wants CM Punk at Wrestlemania 26 and he wants him in a Street Fight. CM Punk told him that he would get his street fight if he could beat Luke Gallows later in the show. However if Rey lost tonight and lost at Wrestlemania he would have to accept Punk as his saviour. Rey had intentions of attacking CM Punk, but Punk said he could not lay a finger on him until Wrestlemania. Although Rey lost the match he sent a clear message to Punk beating him up after the matchup. 

The Society will save you! 

Remember that the Straight Edge Society are going to be ring side with CM Punk and you never really know what will happen with them right there to help Punk. I have a feeling they will have some kind of influence on the match or if not the match, what happens after the match. 

Predicted Match Result: Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk 

Although Rey is going to win the battle, Punk will win the war. I’m thinking that Rey is going to win the matchup, but following that he and the Straight Edge Society are going to take out Rey. Rey was suppose to be getting a break after Wrestlemania so he can get surgery and this is exactly how I think he is going to leave for his break. It also puts Punk over which adds to CM Punk’s growth as a super heel. 

Predicted Match Rating: 5 stars 

Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Vince McMahon 


Without a doubt this is the easiest match on the card to call. Why? Because Vince McMahon, has no chance in hell of winning the match (pun intended). This match is going to Bret Hart, hands down. If Mr. McMahon were to win this matchup for some bizare reason it would be a huge surprise to everybody. 

However as I already mentioned, the match will go to Bret Hart. It will be to help Bret Hart put the Montreal Screwjob behind him. Bret Hart and Vince McMahon have apparently established mutual respect for each other once again and I guess to help back that up Vince is giving Bret this chance to give McMahon the ass-whooping for that controversy that went down back in 97. 

Bret Hart originally returned on January 4th to guest host Monday Night Raw. After being embarassed by Vince McMahon at the end of the show, Bret kept coming back. At one point Vince McMahon used Dave Batista to help him pick apart Bret Hart. Another notable moment was when Bret Hart “broke his leg.” As the storyline goes, John Cena helped him perform that stunt to make it look like he got injured. After that Vince McMahon demanded a match with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 26 (Bret had wanted one with Vince earlier on, but Vince turned him down). On the night of the official contract signing it was revealed that Bret’s leg wasn’t really broken and the stipulation of “No Holds Barred” was also added. 

Don’t expect a miracle here. There is no way you are going to see the same Bret Hart you saw at Wrestlemania 12 or 13. What you will see though is Bret use whatever he can get at to give Vince McMahon some good ass kicking. The match won’t be too long, that’s for sure and I am still worried about Bret. One unfortunate accident and Bret could end up in the hospital. It’s a dangerous risk their taking and hopefully nothing bad will come from it. 

Predicted Match Result: Bret Hart def. Vince McMahon 

Like I said, when it comes to the result there is no question that Bret will win. 

Predicted Match Rating: 2 stars (at best) 

Triple H vs. Sheamus 


It looks like this year we are going to have a passing of the torch match at Wrestlemania 26. Yes I’m talking about Triple H vs. Sheamus. Has anyone ever wondered why Sheamus got pushed so quickly? Well he’s got Triple H backing him is why. Triple H likes what he sees in Sheamus and thinks that once he is gone from the company, Sheamus could fill Triple H’s role in the WWE. 

This all started the Monday before the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View. At the end of the show Sheamus came out and had jumped John Cena and you guessed it, Triple H. 

In the chamber Triple H would egnite the sparks for this feud when he eliminated Sheamus from the chamber making sure there would be a new champion come the end of the match. Triple H hit Sheamus with a pedigree then got him for the 1, 2, 3 to get him eliminated from the chamber. A little side note, it also gave Sheamus a slight concusion. However that did not ruin their relationship outside the ring, so no worries. 

Two mondays after Elimination Chamber Triple H and Shawn Michaels were in a Unified Tag Team Championships match on Monday Night Raw. After Shawn Michaels and Triple H lost the match, Shawn Michaels walked off leaving Triple H alone in the ring. Then out of the crowd comes Sheamus and what does he do? He jumps Triple H once again. 

So with that on the following Monday Night Raw the match was made official after Sheamus accepted a challenge from Triple H to battle him on the grandest stage of ‘em all. 

Two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, Sheamus would return to inflicy some more pain on Triple H. Triple H was involved in a Wrestlemania Rewind match with Randy Orton. With Legacy jumping Randy Orton, Sheamus got in there and attacked Triple H. Sheamus says he doesn’t bow down to any king, he showed it that night. 

Last Monday Night Raw, Triple H and Randy Orton tagged up to face Legacy and Sheamus. Sheamus got the pin in the match, when he pinned Orton for the win, but after the match things were different. It was Triple H who was standing tall in the ring, asking for a piece of Sheamus. 

Now let’s think of it this way. It is Wrestlemania and it is Triple H, but Triple H wants to put over Sheamus as a true main eventer. Plus if Triple H got the win here it wouldn’t really do anything for him, but the same can not be said about Sheamus. It would, as Triple H mentioned in his promos, take him to another level. 

Sledgehammer, a sledgehammer to the skull! 

To really help the whole next Triple H thing sink in to the WWE Universe, I think it would be interesting if Sheamus used a sledgehammer behind the referee’s back on Triple H. It would help him with the match and it would be almost like a heel Triple H move. 

Predicted Match Result: Sheamus def. Triple H  

I say the passing of the torch will happen and it will happen at Wrestlemania 26. Triple H won’t be in this industry forever and someone has to play his role when he’s gone and he has chosen Sheamus. So now the chosen boy has his chance to shine. He will get the win, but now the question is how well he can perform will Triple H at his first Wrestlemania. 

Predicted Match Rating: 3 and 1/2 stars 

 The Streak vs. The Career: The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels 


This has without a doubt been the most talked about match of Wrestlemania 26. The Streak vs. Shawn Michaels’ legendary career. Even though there is so much debate about this topic the result isn’t too complicated to predict. Before I get to that though, let’s go through what has happened with these two. 

This all start last year at Wrestlemania 25. Shawn Michaels battled the Undertaker, trying to break his streak. Just like the rest he would Rest In Peace after a backflip gone wrong. He would backflip right onto the Undertaker who would turn that into a Tombstone Piledriver. He would pin Shawn Michaels for the 1, 2, 3 and Shawn’s dream of winning the match would be done. 

The next chapter would be at the Slammy Awards. The match of the year category was up with Triple H presenting it. The winners, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker (Wrestlemania 25). HBK gave a speech about how even though he lost he was still proud of what the two accomplished. Then at the end he turned the whole thing around by throwing out the challenge to the Undertaker for Wrestlemania 26. 

Shawn Michaels would keep going around mentioning how the challenge to the Undertaker until the World Champion (at the time) finally decided to respond. His answer to Shawn Michaels was no. With that being said Shawn told Undertaker that he was going to win the Royal Rumble and then challenge the Undertaker for the title at Wrestlemania. 

Shawn Michaels went into the Rumble and did pretty well up to a point. Shawn was on the verge of elimination. He had superkicked Edge back into the ring while he was still outside of it. Then came Batista who after some struggling got Shawn Michaels to let go and lose the match. Shawn was so upset he assualted the referees at the Rumble. 

He would continue to try and find himself a way to somehow fight the Undertaker. He even went up to Teddy Long and basically grabbed him telling him to put him in the SmackDown elimination chamber so he can win the title and have the Undertaker use his rematch clause on him for Wrestlemania. When Teddy said no Shawn hit him with a Sweet Chin Music. He would disappear from action until… 

Next came the night of the Elimination Chamber and I think we all know what happened there. Undertaker and Chris Jericho were left in the Elimination Chamber. All of the sudden, Shawn Michaels appeared from under the ring. He hit Undertaker with a Sweet Chin Music and gave Chris Jericho the World Heavyweight Championship. 

The next night on Raw he talked the Undertaker into giving Shawn his rematch by using the old revenge card, but the Undertaker would add a twist to it. He told Shawn if he loses at Wrestlemania then his career is over. With that, you had it, The Streak vs. The Career. 

With that the two would continue fighting from there on, trading momentum. A choke slam there, a sweet chin music there and now with the Wrestlemania day coming up, everyone is wondering who will get the nod. Everyone except me. I have a good idea of who will win already. 

Who will win? 

The Phenom, The Undertaker will. Why well I could go on forever on why the Undertaker will win, but I already wrote an article on the subject: 


Basically the Undertaker will win this matchup, but for all those Shawn Michaels fans out there I’m telling you not to worry. This is not the end of the road for HBK. He will indeed lose and “retire” this year, but he will be back soon enough. So he’s retiring, but he isn’t really retiring. Kind of like when Edge did the same to the Undertaker for those who remember. 

The only way to win this match is a pinfall or submission.  

As you all know this match can only end in pinfall or submision. Which will only make it much more interesting. Although it will be interesting, that does not mean they will be able to remake what they did last year. The match they had last year was something special and no matter how hard they try they won’t be able to reach the same level they did at Wrestlemania 25. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a good match, all I’m saying is for those who want to see a replay of the match don’t expect to see it at Wrestlemania 26. Just go out and buy yourself the Wrestlemania 25 DVD or watch it on the Internet. 

Predicted Match Result: The Undertaker def. Shawn Michaels via pinfall  

Like I said, big match, Shawn’s career isn’t actually done even though he’ll win and there’s no way the match will be exactly what last year’s was. 

Predicted Match Rating: 4 and 1/2 stars 

World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Edge 


“Spear, spear, spear!” 

This one word has defined this feud. Before I take you back through the feud let me first display my displeasures and complaints about it. First off let me say how terrible the mic work has been from Edge. He is much better than this, but all he’s found himself saying is “Spear, spear, spear!” Seriously it’s really annoying. You have Chris Jericho cut some excellent promos only to have Edge answer with something about a spear? That is pathetic. 

There hasn’t been enough action between these two either. All you have is Jericho cut a promo which ends either with Edge spearing Jericho or Jericho getting the upper hand on Edge. You don’t have to put them in singles matches against each other, but there is so much you could’ve done. Since they were former tag champs you could have had each of them pick a tag team partner for the night and make a tag match. You could have even had a “pick your poison” stipulation where Jericho would’ve chose Edge’s opponent and vise versa. 

Anyways let’s take you back through all of the action between the two. 

This all started at the WWE Draft. Edge had won Friday Night SmackDown the pick in the draft and who would be coming to SmackDown? When the superstars pictures stopped, Chris Jericho found himself heading to Friday Nights. The two would set some sparks off for a feud early, but instead the WWE threw in a twist to the storyline. 

At The Bash, Edge inserted himself and a partner of his choice into a Unified Tag Team Championship Title Match. His partner, Chris Jericho! The two won the titles and would go back to SmackDown as the Tag Team Championships. It wouldn’t last though as Edge went down with an injury. So Jericho was forced to replace Edge with the Big Show. 

6 months later, it’s Royal Rumble time and guess what. “Remember that guy Edge who went down like half a year ago? I heard he’ll be back to win it.” This was what wrestling fans were saying and you know what? It happened. Edge returned at the Rumble and won it. 

Now he had a choice, World Champion or WWE Champion, but he was not going to make his choice until after Elimination Chamber. At the same time Jericho qualified for the SmackDown chamber and had his eyes set on World Title gold. Thanks to some help from Shawn Michaels he got his gold and would be going to Wrestlemania as a champion. Well look at that, Edge won the Rumble and Jericho is the champ, I wonder what to make of this. Loving my sarcasm right now, next night on Raw Edge came out of the crowd and speared Jericho telling him that it’ll be Edge vs. Jericho at Wrestlemania 26. 

With that the two exchanged weeks and weeks of promos. In some, Jericho ended up on top, in others, Edge did. Now things are ready to break down. 

Although most people are calling for Edge to win the match, I’d like to think that a Jericho victory isn’t too farfetched either. Giving Jericho a nice lengthy title run here would be nice, even if you just had Undertaker with one and you want to juggle that title around. However think about this too, the last two Royal Rumble winners (Cena and Randy Orton) both lost. I think this time round Edge might get the win. 

World Title to the head of Edge! A spear gone wrong! 

Look for Jericho to get the World Title in the mix of things, literally. I think Jericho will pull out a dirty tactic in this matchup to try and get the win. He’s a heel, I wouldn’t exactly put it past him. 

Although the build up has been mediocre, the actual Wrestlemania match should be amazing in my opinion. Two great performers who are buddies outside the ring go one on one at Wrestlemania, sounds good to me. 

Predicted Match Result: Edge def. Chris Jericho to win World Heavyweight Championship 

Yes, Edge will most likely get the win here despite how much I am against the though of a guy who can only say “Spear!” when on the mic being champion. Hopefully the match will make all things good because it has the potential to steal the show no doubt. Hopefully after Wrestlemania, Jericho will get the title back on him eventually. 

Predicted Match Rating: 5 stars 

WWE Championship: “The Animal” Dave Batista vs. John Cena 


“You can’t beat me John and deep down, you know it.” 

That was just one example of Batista’s amazing mic work. Yes I just said Batista has amazing mic work! I think you’ll all agree with me here when I say Batista’s new heel role is absolutely a thing of beauty. The mic skills are amazing, the overall gimmick is amazing, the in ring work is still generally average, but overall Batista has been looking really good lately. 

What else has been happening lately? Batista has been dominating John Cena. For about the past month or so, Dave Batista has been absolutely inside John Cena’s head. He’s got Cena doubting himself and got Cena layed out in the ring after he arrives. Whether it’s a Batista Bomb, Spear or just a simple assualt, John Cena has found himself on the receiving end of things. 

This all started with Bret Hart and Vince McMahon. When Batista came out to help McMahon take care of Bret Hart, Cena came out running to aid The Hitman. Batista walked away, or that’s what he wanted John to think. In a moments notice, Batista was running back to the ring attacking John Cena and kicking some serious ass. The encounter finished with a Batista Bomb on steel steps. 

At Elimination Chamber came the most important part of the story though, the taking of the title. John Cena had survived the Elimination Chamber and won himself WWE Championship, but little did he know his night wasn’t done. McMahon came out and announced that Cena was going to defend his title against, Batista! Batista took the title, once again having Cena layed out in the ring. 

The next night Cena received an opprutunity. Vince McMahon told him if he could beat Batista then he would get a WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania 26. John Cena won via DQ, but it was a small price to pay for Batista. He gave Cena the win, but after the match he would once again take apart John Cena. 

Batista would continue to get the better of Cena. On promos, attacking him in the ring, etc. until this week’s Monday Night Raw. Cena and Batista had one final face off before Wrestlemania this Sunday. It would end with Cena taking down a bunch of security to try to get to Dave Batista. Batista would walk away while Cena continued to fight off security. For once it was the Animal who wanted no part of it. 

This match could prove to be a good one. Batista and Cena had great chemistry at SummerSlam 2008, if they could only bring that back match and just extend it in length with the same quality this could turn out really good. 

Just me and you 

I think this match will stay clearly between the two. There is no real reason for anyone out there to get involved in this matchup, so we’ll get a clean one here. Assuming that Batista doesn’t pull out the title for a quick hit. 

Predicted Match Result: John Cena def. Batista and wins WWE Championship 

Well he is the face of the WWE as mentioned by Dave Batista, I think he’s got the edge at Wrestlemania, especially considering Dave is nearing retirement. Speaking of that, for those who are thinking Dave will quit when he loses to John Cena, I have to respectfully disagree with you. I believe Big Dave will go off in better fashion than that. 

Predicted Match Rating: 3 and 1/2 stars 

Well there you have. I’ve broken down all your Wrestlemania clashes for Sunday, now all you have to do is enjoy yourself some fine ‘rasslin. Hope you all enjoy Wrestlemania, I’m out!

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