"Is Jeff Van Gundy On The Wrong Team?"

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We have all watched the infamous Jeff Van Gundy hanging onto Alonzo Mourning's leg during game 4 of the 98' playoffs. We all know that Jeff is no fighter, he is in fact a great talker, a "smart ass" talker. I watch games on ESPN and TNT and all I can think of when I watch Charles, Kenny, and Earnie Johnson is "what if Jeff could be in the picture?" I mean who are they kidding on ESPN, without Jeff Van Gundy on ESPN there is no show. Now TNT is no doubt the best NBA show around and it has even won multiple awards. All that TNT is missing is a little white guy by the name of Jeff Van Gundy and i don't think anyone disagrees.

I'm not saying that he has to leave ESPN right this minute but i am saying he should reconsider where he wants to be. His knoledge of the game and his experience coaching for several years gives him the perfect oppurtunity to be part of TNT history.

All I'm trying to say is that TNT may be the best NBA show right now and may be one of my personal favorites but Jeff is merely wasting his time making cheap jokes to Marc Jackson to make the all "exciting" ESPN much better.

Please comment your oppinions

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