Sanity Brought Back to the College Basketball World

Danni SantanaContributor IMarch 27, 2010

After all the upsets in the first weekend of this years NCAA tournament Its great to finally have the big boys win so that the best possible games will be played and seen by us the viewers in the Elite 8 and in the final 4.

The three cinderella's in this years tournament 10 seed Saint Mary's 9 seed Northern Iowa and 12 seed Cornell all lost their Sweet 16 games to Baylor, Michigan State and Kentucky respectively. Personally i wouldn't have it any other way. Sure we want to see upsets in the first weekend of the tournament but when it gets to the latter stages of the tourney its time to see the big boys.

As proof let me first say that I don't think there is a person in the country that would have wanted to see Cornell versus Baylor in a National semi-final, unless of course your favorite team lost and you just don't care. Think of the possibility of having Duke play Kentucky to determine who plays for the National title two days later. that's a marquee match up. And as funny as we thought Kansas losing to Northern Iowa was, and it was extremely amusing, we should now realize that the dream national title game we all pictured will now never happen. That game of course was the potential match up of Kansas versus Kentucky. Man what a ball game that would have been.

So before you get upset because you want more upsets understand "chalk" is the best thing to see at this point of the tournament.