The Rise Of Beer Money

adam smereckiCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2010

Beer Money is the hottest tag team in wrestling. Well at least TNA fans know that. There is so much to said about James Storm and Robert Roode that this column might as well be a book. For the sake of our attention spans I will get right to the point. Beer Money is the best tag team in wrestling today and now the entire wrestling world knows it!

Bare with me here. It’s not a secret that most casual wrestling fans have not been tuning in to Impact on a regular basis. The recent acquisitions of talent like RVD and Jeff Hardy will of course help ratings but it also helps talented guys like Beer Money even more. During the pre Bischoff era guys like James Storm and Robert Roode were pulling off great matches that never got noticed outside of the TNA bubble. As a tag team Beer Money was winning titles, main eventing and selling merchandise like crazy but before Hogan and Bischoff joined TNA casual fans could care less. Those days are over. Beer Money has finally made the big time. No they didn’t win the TNA tag titles and no they didn’t move over to the WWE. They wrestled the main event on a Monday Night head to head with the WWE.

So what you say? Well let’s think about it. Imagine your flipping between Raw and Impact at the same time. You see John Cena and Batisita in the ring on one channel (cutting promos mind you). Then you flip over to Impact and Beer Money is wrestling a tag match against RVD and Jeff Hardy. Which channel are you going to stop at? Well unless your dating John Cena my bet is Impact.

So there you have it. Every die hard Hardy fan has flipped over to Impact along with the RVD die hards. Who is in the ring with them?…Beer Money.