Why Do We Hate Cena So Much???

Lucas NascimentoContributor IMarch 27, 2010

Now we all know that John Cena is the name and face of the the company and no matter how much people hate him sadly....We have to deal with him. I will be honest i do not like John Cena but then again i dont really know why i hate him so much maybe its because he is in the front of every video game, magazine, and PPV cover. Maybe im just tired of seeing him everywhere i turn. Maybe i dont like his uncreative gimmick. John Cena is just...."himself" maybe that bugs me. In Pro Wrestling you have to have gimmicks you cant just be yourself. But that seems to have attracted the "Genetic Jackhammer" Vince Mcmahon.

Another reason why i might not like Cena is because of his modest kind of attitude i hate it how he is so modest and never wants to start anything with anybody. he is such a...i dont want any trouble...kind of guy. HELLO!!! You are a PRO WRESTLER!!! You are supposed to be looking for trouble, you are supposed to think of yourself as the best not say you are going to try your best to be the best. And what kind of a pro wrestler gives your enemy credit for beating you. He always loses and is always ok with it. You are supposed to get pissed and want to beat the crap out of your enemy not give him credit for beating you thats just lazy. Will GOD ever give Satan credit for something NO!!! they are enemies. Thats exactly what Cena should do.

Anyways i just wanted to get that out of my chest. I wanted to expose that to the wrestling fans. A lot of you may agree with me and some of you may not. Just know thats how i feel towards Cena. I dont know why i hate him but those are some valid reasons. I also hope Cena turns heel then i might change thoughts about him.