The Price of Fame

Frankie Anetzberger@FXAContributor IIMarch 27, 2010

Yesterday Gilbert Arenas was sentenced to 30 days in a half-way house and two years probation after being found with three guns in the Wizards locker-room. Now, we all know that Washington has extremely strict gun laws and I took the time to see exactly what they were.

This is from the NRA/ILA Firearms Laws for the District of Columbia:

Carrying a handgun in the District is prohibited. All
firearms are to be kept at one’s home or place of business.
All firearms must be unloaded and disassembled or
locked with a trigger lock except when kept at a registrant’s
place of business or while being used for lawful “recreational”
purposes. A D.C. license to carry a pistol is needed for
one’s home or business and the pistol must also have been
registered prior to September 24, 1976.
Self-defense in one’s home with a firearm is therefore
legally precluded.

Now it frustrates me that Gilbert basically got away with nothing from this. He's been taking the situation lightly from the beginning, and was even seen joking about it in a pre-game team huddle before his suspension. He's lied to the NBA and we have evidence to say he did. He created a misleading story for the NBA and ordered Javaris Crittenton to comply with the story in order to make it convincing. Now I've never been a fan of Gilbert, but I still believe he should be behind bars. Any ordinary citizen of the District of Columbia that was found with three pistols would be in jail, so why isn't Gilbert? Did the judge really buy his crying act in court yesterday? Seriously? The same guy that took this whole situation as a joke until Stern suspended him? C'mon! This is ludicrous. Especially in the District of Columbia, how did he get away with this?

I'm even more sick after reading what J.A. Adande had to say about the situation.

"Gilbert Arenas isn't going to jail and Gilbert Arenas didn't need to go to jail.

Jail is for people who have inflicted great damage on others or pose a serious threat to do so. There's no reason for Arenas to be housed at taxpayer expense, taking up space that would be better used for more severe criminals. The nation's capital is no more or less a safe place now that Arenas is free to roam it. Stupidity should not be a jailable offense."

No J.A., jail is for citizens who break the law, which Gilbert did. And are you really going to tell me he didn't pose a serious threat? Have you ever brought your kid to an NBA game? If I did, I would be safer off knowing there weren't two clowns in the locker room with three guns. I can't fathom how you could stand up for Gilbert. I don't know, maybe J.A. knows Gilbert but he lied to his team, the commissioner, and the all of his fans. I can't stand up for a person like that. And it doesn't matter that it was Gilbert Arenas. For the most part I cover Jamario Moon, and if he did the same thing, I'd be saying the same thing. Gilbert deserves to be punished and sent to jail and it's a shame the law couldn't see through him.

Sickening, absolutely sickening!