Determining Auburn's Win/Loss In 2010

Ross CollingsContributor IMarch 27, 2010

2010 will be an interesting season for the Tigers, this season in my opinion will show where this program is going. Here are some factors, that will affect whether the Tigers will be better this season.

Improved offense

Auburn had a stacked and a very well placed offense in 2009. Malzahn did a good job with what he was given at the very least. But Auburn should have a better offense in 2010 because of their offensive line, which the majority of will be returning bar one Andrew McCain. The quarterback situation should be better than last year also. Cameron Newton is the favourite and front runner for getting the quarterback job, and if you haven't already checked out his Blinn highlights, then you must. 

Whoever gets the job in 2010 should be an upgrade from last year. Although while he may not have been the best quarterback, Chris Todd in respect to him did a pretty good job.

Another factor is the running game. Auburn loses their leading rusher last year in Ben Tate. Mario Fannin should get the majority of the carries this season, and we could also see freshman Michael Dyer and redshirt freshman Dontae Aycock see some carries as well.

Depth on defense

This was the factor that reflected our losses last year. Their was some in-consistancy on offense at times, but when you go back to our games against Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama. We had taken 14-0 leads in all of them, and eventually let our depth on defense be our own enemy. Ted Roof does not get enough respect for how well he did with the defense last season, but this season Auburn loses the least amount of players in the SEC to graduation/NFL Draft. My point is, is that even though Auburn's depth problems will NOT be totally recovered in 2010, it should be slightly improved and we could see Auburn's defense breaking the top 25 in the nation.

Overall, I could see this season going one way or another. We could finish the season 12-0 because of our much heralded "easy schedule" and go to the SEC championship game....OR we could not improve at all. 

My prediction for 2010, is that we will come out fighting and win the majority of our games. But there will be times of disappointment, since Auburn is not perfect. 

At best: 10-2 (possible losses to LSU, Alabama, Arkansas)

At worst 8-4 

I'd like to get your prediction on what you expect, or think will happen in 2010. Thanks for reading.