Jim Edmonds' Comeback

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2010

Jim Edmonds officially made Milwaukee’s 40-man roster this week.

That’s pretty cool for a 39-year-old, especially one who sat out last season.

It’s a smart move for the Brew Crew, too. Young buck, Carlos Gomez, needs a mentor, Edmonds wants a last dance, and the Brewers, frankly, don’t have much to lose.

Many Cubs fans dislike the guy because he’s a formal Cardinal, and I get that. But I still enjoy watching Edmonds play.

Maybe it’s because he keeps plugging away despite his old age and diminishing skill set.

Maybe it’s because he never appeared to be hopped up on roids.

Or maybe it’s because the Cubs should’ve brought him back for 2009, but instead opted for Milton Bradley. Nice.

Anyway, I’m glad the pesky lefty is back, and specifically, back in the NL Central.

For the record, I never supported Edmonds’ mid-drift undershirt he wore in St. Louis. For real Jimmy…that was awful!