"What Are These Fools Thinking?!"

Hayden KimCorrespondent IIIMarch 27, 2010

WASHINGTON - MARCH 26:  NBA player Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards leaves the District of Columbia Court after being sentenced March 26, 2010 in Washington, DC. The Washington Wizards star recieved two years probation for bringing guns into the Wizards locker room.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Everyone has dreams of becoming something in their lives. I guarantee Gilbert Arenas dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player in the NBA I mean who wouldn't? Now I also dream of going to the NBA some day but realistically only 1% of the people who play basketball go to the NBA. Gilbert Arenas grew up without a mother and his childhood was rough as is most NBA players are. He grew up taking care of himself and playing basketball everyday day in and day out. I bet that Arenas would have traded any other life than what he was living but he was one of the lucky ones who caught a huge break. One of his childhood friends mom watched him play during his fourth grade year and she decided to take him under her wing. Arenas now had the tools to achieve his dreams.

Now theres a reason why Gilbert's number is 0. It is because that is what his coach at Arizona told him he would avg per game, zero minutes. I mean after all Gilbert has gone through and also fulfilling his dream of going to the NBA he pulls a trigger on himself. Why?

This topic is very sensitive to me because i envy everyone who plays professional sports because i would die to be in their position, earning money for playing a sport they love. People like Arenas, Marbury, Sprewell, all these guys had their chance to become stars and to do what they love while earning a living. I will seize to understand these people and though Arenas still has loads of money he will never learn what he has until its gone.