Shane Carwin Is The Fire Hydrant, Frank Mir Is The Dog !

jason hughesCorrespondent IMay 20, 2016

     And Saturday night Frank Mir is the one who will walk away from this fight dry, while Shane " overrated" Carwin will be asking for a towel to wipe the piss out of his eyes.

     In my opinion, Carwin has not done anything spectacular other than knocking out a very suspect but highly " regarded" Gabriel Gonzaga to catapult his way into a interim title fight with Mir , for a shot at the out right title held by the current but fading champion Brock Lesnar .

   And it was Carwin's powerful knockout of Gabriel Gonzaga that earned him a chance for the interim title shot along with Mir. But after watching Gonzaga lose easily to Randy Couture I was not impressed and I was not blown away when I witnessed Junior Dos Santos slap the taste out of Gabriel's mouth without taking any damage, something Carwin could not do , it just convinced me that it is gonna take Mir less time to lay Carwin to waste than I had already planned.

    A couple of months ago I could have said that Carwin's stand up was better than Frank Mir's, now I do not believe that to be the case. I am also "going out on a limb" here when I am going to say that Mir has the definite advantage on the ground, Frank can grapple also and I believe Carwin doesn't know it yet, REALLY HE DOES I just don't think he realizes how good Mir is on the ground.

   Frank has probably forgotten how good his Brazilian ju jitsu is, he hasn't had to use it for so long it might take him a second or two to remember how to apply a arm-bar on the untested Carwin.

   But he might not need it in this fight anyway if Carwin chooses to stand up ,which is all I think Carwin will look to do, then it's gonna get hot in the cage and it's gonna get hot fast, maybe hot enough that the fire department might have to show up. But people shouldn't worry for running to the exits, the fire hydrant will be laying right in the middle of the ring, courtesy of Mr Frank Mir. But the only thing needed to put the flame out will be Mir standing over Carwin with one leg hiked while using Shane as his own personal urinal.

   My prediction.........Mir wins by submission, round one in under three minutes.