Brett Favre: Should I stay or should I go now?

CourtCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2008

Disclaimer: I admire Brett Favre. He is simply the best quarterback I have ever seen, he makes everyone better, and is a great sports icon.

So my train of thought revolves around this Question: For a man that has everything (MVP Awards, a Super Bowl ring, and the respect of every player in the NFL) why does Favre want to come back. And is it tarnishing his legacy?

ESPN and other sources are reporting that Favre has asked for a unconditional release form the Green Bay Packers. This comes just days after he textedGreen Bay's GM Ted Thompson while he was on vacation. The only response from the Thompson was to say: "I'm on vacation".

The Packers have been put in maybe the most difficult situation a team could be in. On one hand they could allow Favre to return, and be a Super Bowl contender, and jeopardize a long term future with a very upset Backup turned starter maybe back to backup Rodgers. On the other hand they risk losing a star who still has the fire to win and to compete to a rival like Chicago or Minnesota.

One stat that caught my eye was an ESPN poll that asked if Favre should come back to the Packers. Voters in all 50 states overwhelmingly said "No".

Have the times of Favre's popularity dwindled, and has Favre been made victim of the cutthroat business that is the National Football League?

What ever the outcome of the Favre/Green Bay debacle is very uncertain. Favre is one of the best all time, but will he get his way? We should know soon, but its getting somewhat annoying.