WWE: Who Is In Dire Need Of A Push ?

FlyjinCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2008

There aren't to many out there who deserve it. Yet many other undeserving ones still receive it. There are many great athletes in the WWE but only so few of them keep contending for the top titles in the biz. Why is that ?? It seems every single time there is a pay-per-view we only see the same people over, and over, and over. Its certainly becoming a bore.

My father, who has been a wrestling fan for half his life, is even getting turned off by the "consistency" that the storylines retain. Lets just take a gander at this upcoming pay-per-view. We have JBL vs. John Cena. Didn't that match take place over 2 months ago? And close to 3 years prior ?? For all honesty who gives a damn. No one wants to see JBL wrestle anymore. His ugly face and his flabby body should've just stayed behind the announce table (which he didn't do to great at either). Edge and HHH. Ok another one. Is there really no one else on smackdown that deserves a shot at the title other than Edge? Because for the past year or two its has only been him up there (Edge vs. Rey, Edge vs. Batista, Edge vs. Undertaker). Are you beginning to see a pattern? Not to hate on him because honestly hes a phenomenal performer. But we do need new blood in the top contender spots.

Mr. Kennedy

...... Kennedy. Now if he isn't one of the most charismatic superstars to touch a microphone in the past couple of years then I don't know who is. Yes there are times his rants can go on to the verge of being annoying (after he hurt Lashley and repeated his name for half an hour). But hes awesome ! No seriously .. he is. Did anyone watch his match vs. Batista (Figure 4 on the turnbuckle, Man I havn't seen that since Bret Hart). He clearly is underused, because hes as good in the ring as he is on the mic. They even took away his money in the bank just because of an injury, and don't even give it back to him. Finally, when they brought him to the "A" show they don't even go as far as letting him contend for the Intercontinental belt, then a year later send him right back to the "B" show. I sure hope he gets to be #1 contender. Mr. Kennedy vs HHH or Edge would be great to see.

Cryme Tyme

Yo yo yo, Grab your rollies and check your 40's its one of the most underrated Tag Teams of the 21's century. These guys are definitely a joy to watch. Funny promos and great in-ring abilities prove that these guys should be, if not champs, at least in the running. But still to this day they havn't really had an opportunity, then in the middle of a big push, they were released. What happened there? It just dosn't seem like the WWE is utilizing these guys to their full potential and I believe that with them as champs would be nothing more than good for the business. But who knows, maybe one day John Cena will be champ and these guys tag champs. CTC ?? Only time will tell.

Chris Jericho

I know some of you guys wont agree with me on this one. But come on, Jericho is RAW. It used to be so funny to watch his promos (assclowns) and just as entertaining to watch him in the ring. But lately, the WWE has done nothing more than ruin his character. Since September 24, 2007 we have been awaiting the 2nd coming of our "savior" for the wrestling business. But when he finally comes he gets one title shot, and then is forced into a storyline battling an out of shape, supposedly retired wrestler. I mean every time there was a Y2J vs. JBL match I turned off my television. I can't believe they pitted him against like the likes of JBL while Randy Orton continued to hold on to the belt. Not that I have anything against Randy. Now they have him trying his best to make the fans hate him with stupid rants on how we are all so immoral. They are ruining a future hall-of-famer.

Shelton Benjamin

I've said this for many years, the "worlds best pure athlete" has gotten nothing to add to his name other than a string of bad story lines. From bringing his "mom" to his shows to painting his hair like Sisqo, there has been nothing good to really come out of him. Anyone who watches Wrestlemania for the past 4 years has got to agree with me that he is phenomenal. He has been in like every "money in the bank" match and hasn't even gotten close to winning one. Then they made him a punching bag for the new comer Kofi Kingston to make a name out of himself. I just can't comprehend why they use him in this way. He needs better writers for him. But in the ring I personally will say he has got to be one of the best.

there are a few more of them that need a push. Some that have had pushes need them again (Jeff Hardy). But these are just some that I would like to see there, and soon.