Matt Hardy: Is It Jeff's Fault That He Isn't Main Eventing Now

Damion ClaytonContributor IMarch 25, 2010

Ok well as most now know Jeff Hardy left WWE and is now back in TNA... well I read somewhere... can't remember where, I think it was a article on here... anyway I read that WWE was asking Jeff for a Hardy's reunion but he said no. Matt was taken out of WWE because of injury after the storyline in which Matt attacked Jeff blah blah blah. After he had all his bad luck He came back under bad conditions... he was sloppy in the ring, just a "tad bit" overweight and really i just think the motiviations just not there anymore.

SO this made me think that because Jeff left Matt lost his chance to be a main eventer... now all he does is job. So i ask you do you agree with my randomly thought opinion or what???

Note this isn't putting down Jeff i love 'em but i was just sayin'