What Would Wall Street Do: Week 10 Final Bets, Genius + Spam Equals GSPAM

Matt MoscardiAnalyst INovember 13, 2007

It's going to be an interesting weekend. 

G-SPAM's first test week will pose interesting problems for me, I'm sure, and the Box is probably a little jealous right now, but here are the wacky picks:


1. CIN +4 v. BAL, CLE +9.5 v. PIT, JAC +4 v. TEN: $5.00 pays potential $32.21
2. KC -175 v. DEN, IND -190 v. SD, WAS -145 v. PHI, TEN -210 v. JAC: $5.00 pays potential $24.91

Teaser (6 Point):
3. SEA -4 v. SF, CIN +10 v. BAL, DAL +4.5 v. NYG, CAR +2 v. ATL, DET +7 v. ARI, NO -5.5 v. STL: $5.00 pays potential $30.00

1. WAS -145 v. PHI: $5.00 pays potential $3.45

1. CIN +4 (-105) v. BAL: $6.29 pays potential $5.99
2. NYG +1.5 (-105) v. DAL: $5.39 pays potential $5.13
3. CAR -4 (-105) v. ATL: $5.07 pays potential $4.61

Total Bet: $38.00
Total Potential Winnings: $102.85

Things to note: the module that weeds out high juice games (expensive games for the return) seems to be working well, as the lays on the spread games are all below the average 110, and the moneylines are all nice and manageable. There are some seemingly contradictory picks, which indicates some conflicts in modules. I like to think of these as hedges, but in one case we have a NYG +1.5 (basically, NYG to win), AND a DAL +4.5 in the same teaser. This week's MIV (most important victory) is CIN +4.