Goldberg's Next Victim. "Who's Next" If He Returns To WWE? Poll Inside.

The Rough RyderContributor IMarch 25, 2010

With Goldberg considering wrestling one more match, who would you want to see him wrestle in that final match? I'd like to think Goldberg would want to wrestle someone he hasn't wrestled before. So no Triple H, Chris Jericho, or Batista.


Here are some options:


John Cena: How it would work is the question. Who's the bad guy? Whether people would want to see it is another thing with the whole "You can't Wrestle" thing following both of them at one point in time. Who would the fans side with? With Goldberg being away for a while it's difficult to say the fans will be 100% behind him. The older fans probably will be, but we all know Cena's got the kids in his corner. It doesn't have to be heel vs face. Rock vs Hogan was suppose to be that way and both were cheered.


The Undertaker: If HBK does lose at Wrestlemania this year, maybe Goldberg can come out of the blue and want to try to end the streak. I doubt it though. Kind of a pointless way to return and lose, unless the match is not at Wrestlemania. Taker losing twice in a row at Mania, if HBK somehow does win this Sunday, wouldn't make much sense unless Taker pulled some kind of "I don't have it anymore. My powers are dying" kind of thing lol. Which is just stupid.


CM Punk: A lot of people would love to see someone shut Punk up. Goldberg, being the massive man that he is, could easily take out Gallows in some way without wrestling him to get to Punk. I think Punk would be a decent choice to face Goldberg. WWE could use Punk's Straight Edge lifestyle to edge on Goldberg.


Sheamus: Sheamus is a big guy who I can see having a good program with Goldberg. There arn't many guys that can match Sheamus strength wise in a match. Triple H can do that this year, maybe Goldberg is a good choice for next year. Atlanta vs Ireland kind of thing? I dont know.


Ezekial Jackson: WWE has Zeek always talking about being dominant. No one was more dominant than Goldberg. I feel some kind of male dominance angle between them would be really good. It could be a VERY intense feud.


Jack Swagger: Swagger and Goldberg could have some kind argument over Football to lead to a feud. If you remember Goldberg played football at Georgia, and Swagger played football at Oklahoma. With Mania in Atlanta you know The Atlanta Falcons might be there, and Goldberg has mentioned Shawn Merrimen as a possible tag team partner. ESPN would probably cover it and we all know WWE loves publicity.


What you guys think?