Formula 1 + New York = Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

Antony HerbertAnalyst IIIMarch 25, 2010

It's official, Bernie Ecclestone is no longer a raving lunatic. He is capable of making genius ideas or at least anything that shows a greater comprehension of Formula 1 than the FIA!

Now he has had the most amazing idea – mixing Formula 1 with New York. An absolutely fantastic plan.

With the increase in street circuits in the last few years I would have stuck my nose up quite easily and effortlessly at the thought of another one. Further dull processions of cars fitting tightly round a narrow race track, with only weather patterns or unlikely accidents to cause a stir was not what the doctor would ordered.

Yet for New York I would gladly make an exception. To see a Grand Prix with a proposed back drop of the sky scrapers of Manhattan would be inspired.

It would mean that any banal on track action could be deterred by feasting your eyes on the spectacle in the background. With such scenery you could easily keep your eyes peeled on something for the duration of the Grand Prix.

Of course there is also the added bonus of the masses of lucrative deals that could be gained by the move to New York. Indianapolis brought some exposure before it was removed from the calender in 2007.

New York however would draw in various sponsors keen on investing on the ‘show’. It could also garner a whole new group of supporters to the sport, wanting to catch a glimpse of the worlds most prosperous city walking hand in hand with the worlds most definitive motor sport.

Bernie hasn't revealed too much about his plans, apart from the year 2012 as a target for its inception. More exciting details will no doubt follow, but for now he certainly has my undivided attention.