UFC 111: Don't Sleep On Shane Carwin

Christopher DiCarlo@OfficialCJGatzContributor IIMarch 25, 2010

At UFC 111 March 27, Georges St. Pierre will headline the Pay-Per-View versus Dan Hardy. Also as co-main event is Frank Mir versus Shane Carwin.

That's the fight I am looking forward to the most. Frank Mir is the heavy favorite, and some have even counted Shane Carwin out completely.

It's absolutely crazy to say that Mir "has it in the bag". If Mir already had this fight won, I don't thing Dana White would set this fight up.

Shane Carwin has a lot of potential, and will give Frank Mir a scare.

Carwin is 11-0. All his wins have come from first round stoppage. His average fight length is one minute and seven seconds, that's crazy for 11 professional fights.

He might have never fought past the first three minutes of a fight, but he also hasn't fought a fighter of Mir's caliber.

Carwin's toughest fight was Gabriel Gonzaga, who Shane knocked out in 1:09 into round one. So Mir is definitely a huge test for Carwin.

My prediction is that Frank Mir will win via submission in round two, if and only if, Mir survives round one.

Shane hasn't been past round one, so I think because of his inexperience of deeper fights, he will make a mistake which Mir will capitalize on. Frank is too experienced and smart to miss any submission opportunity.

I'm hoping for Carwin to win, and it could happen if he ends it fast in round one.