Riot Police Attack Football Team With Pepper Spray: Video

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMarch 25, 2010


Riot police marched onto the pitch and pepper sprayed footballers when a player refused to leave the pitch after reciever a red card during a match in Brazil.

The game was between Rondionese League clubs. Genus and Moto Clube. It descended into farce after Genus player Robson committed a foul and recieved a red card in the 64th minute. 

He refused to leave the pitch after being shown the red card. Together with several of his team-mates, they confronted the referee. They intimidated he referee so much that he called in the police.

Four riot police officers in full riot gear charged on to the pitch. When Robson still refused to walk away, they attacked him and then his team-mates with batons and pepper spray.

The referee abandoned the game as the game had been taken over by the chaos .

Both teams feel that the police intervention was too heavy handed, and an investigation has started.

"If the policemen overreacted they will be punished".