Nets CEO Yormark Works Plan For Paper Bags Nets Fan!

Keith BennettCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2010

 New Jersey Nets executive Brett Yormark is one the best marketing CEO in the NBA. Yormark isn't one to let a marketing opportunity go astray. Two days after a brief finger-pointing exchange with a fan who wore a paper bag on his head to protest the Nets dismal season, Yormark came prepared for more potential protesters before the Nets beat the Kings 93-79. Any fan who put a paper bag on his head would be offered a nylon Nets' bag containing a poster, a pack of player trading cards  and a printed note from Yormark that said: "Thanks for letting us see your face. We hope to see it more often at Nets" games. The Nets think you wear bags there will win games? Ownership should wear bags on they face. They screw the whole team for years.