Arsenal Vs Barcelona: Do Or Die.

Deena SobeihContributor IMarch 25, 2010

All this talking about the "easy run" Arsenal is having till the end of the season should stop now as the big games are back on track with two fights with Barcelona in the CL quarter final.


I had the chance to see the draw live and it wasn't pleasant to watch at all from the very first moment, with the 2 two sides I was hoping to meet one of them got tied together, a tie that seemed for a moment arranged to guarantee the presence of a french side in the semis in years , but it hardly matters now, and then it was the Bayern vs Man Utd, the Manure, once again, had the easy way in the CL with meeting a german side with the second leg at the Old Trafford, the lucky bastards!!!


Last but not least, Arsenal vs Barcelona, the tie I was praying to avoid, but once againg, it hardly matters now.


For the neutral fans, they just cant dare to dream of a more exciting games, but for the Arsenal fans, I dare say it's a nightmare. Barcelona isnt that kind of a team we would like to meet, not now, not to mention that the second leg will be at the Camp Nou.


What surprises me is  the Spanish press, no matter how they fake happiness and relief to meet Arsenal, we know - and they know - Arsenal were never and will never be that easy. All they were hoping for is another defensive team that relies on counter attacks mostly to score, a team with no creative midfield, no imaginative playing, and we all know that this is not the case with Arsenal. Against Arsenal, they will struggle to posses the ball and to stop the attacking flow from the midfield. From the aspect of scoring, Arsenal's midfield is much better, scoring 12 goals, comparing to Barcelona's, scoring only ONE goal.


What concerns with Arsenal me now is the mentality strenght , it's unquestionable at the moment as they have been playing greatly in the last few games; scoring winning goals at the injury time and playing almost half of a game with only 10 men - let's be honest, words cant do the lads justice as they have been beyond amazing -, but what happens if - dear God, may it not happen - they lose to Barcelona? The next game will be against the Spurs at White Hart Lane, a game I consider a title-deciding game. Luckily, the game was postponed which gives the gunners 8 days to recover from the Barcelona game, but still ....  ( now I'm speaking like we have already lost, shit!!)

The mentality strength is not that good in the EPL, we all saw Chelsea losing to Inter Milan  and then losing to a mediocre Blackburn side the next week with scoring only one goal! Let's pray the case is different with Arsenal.


Unsurprisingly, the FA rejected Vermaelen's red card appeal, the lad will be suspended for only one game, otherwise i would spend the night dreaming of Sol and Silvester playing together in the next 3 games, which brings  a kind of a lovely smile on my face :)

Moving to the good news, Gallas is back to training but he may miss next week's game against Barcelona. Van Persie could be back too in 3 weeks time and knowing this really made my day =D I simply miss the lad.

In Arsene We Trust.

Up Gunners.