Now This is What Fishing is All About

Matthew GilmartinSenior Analyst IDecember 4, 2016

Fishing has always been a way for sons and dads - or, in my case, two nephews and their uncle, to bond. 

It's the feeling of being on the lake relaxing in an old-fashioned rowboat. 

It's the rush of adrenaline from feeling that imminent jerk on the end of your line and the anticipation of the catch. 

It's the sensation of the cool breeze mixed with soft sunlight on your skin. 

It's the gorgeous view of majestic mountains in the distance.

It's a beautiful bass (or any other type of freshwater fish) frantically thrashing on the hook, desperately trying to break free and return to its home.

It's cheering your brother or friend on as he reels in the fish of the day.

But far sweeter is claiming bragging rights for the rest of the day for bringing in the biggest catch. 

Most of all, it's what brings out a love for nature and the great outdoors in all of us and in doing so creates - even if just for a moment - a bond through which all are connected to one another.  It's fishing.