St. Louis Cardinals Prospect Preview: Jaime Garcia

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IJuly 11, 2008

After Mark Mulder's lack of a comeback, the Cardinals brought up young prospect Jaime Garcia to fill the void as the lefty specialist in the bullpen. However, this young pitcher is hardly your average call-up.



Garcia fills out his 6'1" frame pretty nicely, weighing around 200 pounds, so he probably won't add much more speed to his pitches. However, his fastball already buzzes in at around 94, with "significant life". It's basically a cutter that moves like a heater.

He also possesses a "plus-plus" curveball that is ready for the bigs right now. But while scouts are confident about his first two pitches, his changeup is still debatable on whether or not it's ready for the MLB.

He's had enough success at Memphis that this call-up is probably a little overdue, and with a small-market team, he'd probably be starting at this stage in his career.



Although Garcia probably won't be in the bigs long enough to burn his rookie eligibility this season, he'll undoubtedly compete for a spot in the rotation next spring. Keep in mind, he just turned 22 this week. So for him to be getting a sip of the big leagues is very positive.

Although I haven't seen him pitch, Garcia has given me every reason to believe he can be a starter in the league. His K-to-walk ratio is great, he gets a lot of groundball outs, and he doesn't give up many home runs. He'll definitely be a starter in this league in future seasons.