Did I Hear That Correctly? McNabb Might Be Joining The Oakland Raiders

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 25, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 27:  Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles is sacked by Elvis Dumervil #92 of the Denver Broncos on December 27, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Broncos 30-27.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

  Talk about great news for the Raidernation! Word has circulated around the sports media of a meeting between the Oakland Raiders and veteran QB Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles. This transaction would be a remarkable move by Al Davis if he can pull it off. Donovan McNabb is perfect fit for the Raiders in that he is a seasoned QB, and has the experience needed to make the Oakland Raiders competitive.

   Just the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles are willing to let a QB of McNabbs stature leave is simply mind boggling.  McNabb cant be thrilled with the Eagles management and a contract with the Silver and Black gives him a chance to show that he is the stellar QB we know him to be and he can basically do what Favre did when he was released by the Packers, get to the playoffs!

   Donovan McNabbs' arm alone and the corp of Raider wide recievers available would make the Raiders open to the running game. The Oakland Raiders would be afforded the opportunity of seeing Darren McFadden rush for at least 1000 yds if he can remain healthy. Lets not forget the power running style of Michael Bush. This is really looking good for Oakland.

  Raidernation, Donovan McNabbs passing ability would make Louis Murphy unstoppable. The Raiders have  an arsenal in the wide recieving corp with speedsters Higgins, Murphy, Schilenz and not so speedy TE Miller. This move also makes the Oakland Raiders a threat in the AFC West and to their "victims" this season.

   At age 33, Donovan McNabbs contract is nearing its end and as we all know, Al Davis pays big money! Ask Nnamndi Asomugha or Sebastion "Sea Bass" Janikowski. Could anyone imagine what McNabb brings to the Silver and Black gridiron? I call it intimidation. 

     McNabb also has the desire to win the big game. With the Raiders, McNabb has a good shot at winning a SB. Then there's the leadership from within the huddle. This could be a very positive move for the Raiders. McNabb has experience that Jamarcus and Gradkowski would only benefit from. McNabb is also a winner. I would compare him to a Gannon in that he knows how to throw the ball whether it be a light touch or a bullet pass.

   This transaction is nowhere near the failure when the Raiders played Aaron Brooks. Although, there is the question of the offensive line which will be focal if Al can "nab the Donovan". 

   McNabbs services would also fill up seats at the Oakland Coliseum! The idea of sold-out seating, and more press coverage could be another temptation for Al Davis. Al Davis surely realizes that Jamarcus Russell is not the answer, by far. Gradkowski  has performed well and won the hearts of the Raider fan base. McNabb would be a great teacher for both QBs and although I can see him signing for at least four years, he would really make a huge difference offensively.

  I do know that Mr. Davis wants to see the Raiders become the contenders they had been in seasons past. This transaction would be a huge momentum push in that direction. I would love to see McNabb get a SB win with the Raiders. It would be nice to have a huge name like McNabb associated with the Raiders. McNabb doesnt talk alot like T.O. but his play shows what Pride and Poise can do on the field.

  Donovan McNabb as an Oakland Raider would be awesome news for the Raidernation. Lets hope Al can get him. Go Raiders!! Lets hope McNabb joins the team!