WWE Draft Preview: Who Will Go Where?

George MichailContributor IMarch 25, 2010

While everyone is talking WrestleMania, I thought it would be fun to look ahead to the WWE Draft. Coming up on April 26, this years talent exchange will only feature Raw and SmackDown Super Stars, as ECW is now defunct, so there won't be the usual pillaging of young talent from the land of extreme. With the two brands seeking to be more distinctive and separate, because of a need for the WWE to create their own competition to rally against TNA's gaining popularity and a second Bragging Rights event scheduled to take place on October 24, this could be the most important Draft yet. The following are Who I think should go Where and Why, so read on if you are interested in checking out one fan's ideas...

C M Punk and Luke Gallows to Raw - The Straight Edge Society and Punk's savior character are the hottest heel act in pro wrestling and they deserve to be on the big show. Punk targeting Triple H for HGH, Cena for pandering to the fans, and Orton's excessive use of baby oil would make for some Must See TV.

Christian to SmackDown - Captain Charisma has a ton of peeps out there who want to see him win gold. Put a good guy Christian in a program with his, soon-to-be evil again, brother Edge, for the World Heavy Weight Championship, and the W.W.E. will sell many P.P.V.s.

Batista to Raw - While the animal has been appearing on Monday nights lately anyways, I would like to see him make Raw his official home. A triple threat match between Dave, Hunter, and Randy could be a lot of fun.

Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, and Chavo Guerrero to SmackDown - Bring back the Cruiser Weight title baby! You want it, I want it, Who doesn't want to see these high flyers mix it up with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Tyson Kidd?

Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin to Raw - What do you think of this idea, a new heel faction made up of former collegiate wrestlers led by Jack Swagger, pretty bad ass right? Get rid of Benjamin's yellow hair and replace it with Rick, The Dog-Faced Gremlin, Steiner's ear guards.

Miz to SmackDown - Yes he is awesome, but can he really reach the top on Raw? Cena almost buried him last year, with his refusal to put him over. Move Mizanin to Friday nights and he can feud with ex-tag partner Morrison and become one of the top bad guys you love to hate.

R-Truth to Raw - Truth seems like the kind of character that the Raw creative team would like to spotlight in their comedy bits.

Sheamus to SmackDown - This guy is massive, but he doesn't seem so special next to Cena, Triple H, and Batista. A move to the blue team would make the pale skinned Irishmen stand out more, he could fill the void left by Big Dave leaving, too.

Chris Jericho to Raw - This guy is so good the WWE has had to try and weasel him on to Raw every other week, since he left for SmackDown. So why not just put him back on the "A" show? I see him as a utility man, need an interim champion, Jericho's your man, need to give a young guy some credibility, Jericho will job, need a program to take Cena out of the title picture for a month... you get the idea.

Kofi Kingston to SmackDown - My desire for this move is similar to the reason I gave for The Miz to be brought to MyNetworkTV. Can this ex-Jamaican get ahead of Cena and Triple H to be the top face on Raw, barring some major injuries, I don't think so. While Kofi's feud with Orton wasn't as damaging as Miz's with Cena, I was pretty bummed when the Legend Killer didn't put over Trouble in Paradise. With Christian, John Morrison, and Kofi Kingston as the top faces of SmackDown, I think Friday nights would be a lot of fun. 

So, those are my ideas. I would love to hear what you think, tell me that I'm wrong, tell me that I'm right, what you love or what you hate, just leave a comment :)