The Movement Of The Clippers Franchise

Chris ChanCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2008


Historically, the Clippers have been known as the "other LA” team.  There are a handful of fans that go to the Clippers’ games just to see the other team.  Aside from the surprising 2005-2006 playoff run with a game 7 loss to the Suns, the Clippers rarely make the playoffs.  The signing of Baron Davis hopes to bring not just an improvement from last season, but a serious title contender. 

While I don’t think that the Clippers will hoist a championship banner, I like the winning mentality of the Clippers organization.  They don’t want another rebuilding year, they want to win.  Right Now.  Historically, the players that leave imprints in the Clipper organization have gone on to be fantastic role players for another “championship” team.  Players like Lamar Odom, Quentin Richardson, Darius Miles, Andre Miller, Marko Jaric, Bobby Simmons, Sam Cassell, and now Elton Brand moved their careers elsewhere.  These players took on the spotlight when they were in LA, but have now resorted to being the third or fourth option on the team.

The signing of Davis brings in an all star caliber point guard to a team that already has many role players.  Davis, in Golden State, was the heart of the team and did anything to win, no matter how big the deficit was.  The Clippers need someone with that kind of leadership and experience. 

Aside from the Celtics' three all stars this year, many teams have won with one or two all stars combined with at least 4 or 5 role players.  The Clippers now have their one all star and the rest of the roster full of role players.  To me, it seems like the Clippers will either A) try to sign another all star with all of their extra cap room, or B) make Al Thornton an all star.  No matter how this summer ends, you can count on the Clippers doing anything to win.