Is Anderson Silva REALLY Considering a Move to HW?

Michael AnnunziatoContributor IMarch 24, 2010

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While denying that he has cleaned out the MW division he also says he is planing to fight at LHW and also HW. We all know that Dana and the UFC brass would love to put on a mega fight between Anderson Silva and a big name HW who's first name rhymes with Rock, or any of the other top level guys for that matter. The question is will Anderson Silva actually do it. He may say yes, but I say no.

I have a sneaky suspicion that he might be doing this to get leverage on negotiations for his next contract, which should bring him to the end of his career. If the UFC is under the impression that Silva will fight in the LHW and HW division then I'm sure they are building a vault to store all that cash in. Lesnar or Machida vs Silva would be a HUGE money maker. This potential now makes a Silva contract worth that much more.

If I were Anderson Silva, I would fight the rest of my contract with the UFC which ends in 2010, and then approach Strikeforce and negotiate a fight with Fedor. Thats a million dollar payday for both fighters. If after that I still wanted to fight, I would go back to the UFC.

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