Dick PantherContributor IMarch 22, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 14:  Olli Jokinen #12 of the New York Rangers skates with the puck against the Philadelphia Flyers at Madison Square Garden on March 14, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Oh, I've been here.  Just no incentive to write. Why?  I think yesterday's effort about sums it up.

This team not only doesn't deserve to make the playoffs, but definitely killed any chance they had by the effort of the past week in particular, never mind since the Olympics or training camp in September.

I'm sick of this team.

I'm sick of the overpaid douche bags getting the same ice time night in-night out.  I'm sick of a defense that can't play physically and/or defensively, then don't play with that aggressiveness and offensive edge we were promised.  I'm sick of the forwards being made up of third and forth liners and Marian Gaborik, who then has to carry the team.  I'm sick of Henrik Lundqvist having to play Game 7 Stanley Cup Finals-type games in November, because the team in front of him doesn't allow him the luxury of giving up a weak goal once in a while with goal and defensive support, never mind allowing 40+ shots on him regularly.  I'm sick of Olli Jokinen and his lack of effort and eyebrows.  I'm sick of John Tortorella overreacting like the coach of a winning team being asked stupid questions, not the coach of a losing team being asked routine post-game/pre-game/post-practice questions.  I'm sick of Glen Sather pretending to be the GM of this team.  I'm sick of James Dolan/Cablevision and their ability to turn what they touch into complete s--t (Remember "Nobody Beats the Wiz"?). I'm sick of excuses. I'm sick of being told we have good young players in the system yet none being a true impact type player.

I'm sick of everything.

Of course, I will watch this team down the stretch, mainly to see if they can improve their lottery chances.  I know they can't get number 1, but maybe they can move up one spot than they finish?  Only the ping pong balls know.  But I can't openly continue this blog this year without giving myself an ulcer.

Time to waive the white flag on 2009-2010.

I'm going to pop back up for the playoffs when the games get exciting again.  I'll loosely talk about whats going on, and after the Bettman Coyotes win the cup, move on to draft coverage and anticipation of any offseason moves July 1st and onwards.

Maybe if we're lucky, I'll have more to write about regarding the relieving of somebody's duties... but I doubt it.

Till then, time to ride it out as we watch these bums crash and burn.