Women's NCAA Tournament 2010: Biggest Surprises Through First Two Rounds

Tom SmithCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2010

Two rounds down, and the Sweet Sixteen matchups are set. We should probably see high-quality games from here on out.

Predictably, all four No. 1 seeds have advanced (as have two No. 2 seeds and three No. 3 seeds). Less predictably, and good to see, is the presence of No. 11 seed San Diego State University. Go Aztecs!

What are some of the biggest surprises in the tournament so far? Let's break it down by region:



Connecticut, to no one's surprise, has been the most dominant team of the tournament. Their average margin of victory through two games is 55 points.

Green Bay (12) over Virginia (5) in the first round was a bit of a surprise, but not shocking. Any team with 27 wins can play some ball. Shame on UVA for taking them lightly.

Mississippi State (7) crushing Ohio State (2) in the second round was, by far, the most surprising game in this region. I had picked OSU to cruise to the regional finals. Is MSST (19-12 entering the tourney) peaking at the right time? Do they have anything left for No. 3 Florida State?



Tennessee has yet to be tested—average margin of victory is 30.5 points.

Baylor (4) holding Georgetown (5) to just 33 points (17% FG) in the second round might be the most surprising game in the tournament to this point. Georgetown (26-7, 13-3 Big East) had fewer made field goals (12) than Baylor's Brittney Griner had blocked shots (14). An incredible display by Griner coupled with a pathetic showing from Georgetown.

San Diego State University's (12) convincing win over perennial power Texas (5) was shocking enough. For a team that finished third in the Mountain West Conference to back it up with an equally convincing win over Big East power West Virginia (3) was truly shocking. I don't like their odds against Duke (2), but it should sure be worth watching.



Stanford has also steamrolled their first two opponents by an average margin of 30.5 points.

Gonzaga (7) defeating a hot Texas A&M team (2) in a well-played game really surprised me. If anyone was going to get in Stanford's way on their march to the Final Four, I was sure it was going to be A&M—guess not.


Kansas City

Nebraska crushed Northern Iowa in the first round, and beat a tough UCLA team in the second round (26 point average margin of victory). Really no surprises in this region, but there were two first round upsets:

Arkansas-Little Rock (11) took down Georgia Tech (6), and Vermont (10) beat Wisconsin (7). Neither team was able to put up much of a fight in their second round games.


If you've already started planning your Sweet Sixteen viewing schedule, my advice would be to put two games in your "must see" category: Tenn (1) v. Baylor (4) and Oklahoma (3) v. Notre Dame (2). Both could be classics.