For Love of the Fight: Toughman Is Not MMA

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For Love of the Fight: Toughman Is Not MMA
Icon Sports MediaMany sports fans equate Toughman to mixed martial arts—but in fact the two are very different.

Mixed martial arts is a controlled sport that takes hours of daily training. Toughman is a free-for-all punch-fest.

Toughman isn't a precursor to MMA. If anything, actually, Toughman gives MMA a bad name.

According to the official Toughman website, one qualification for the Toughman Contest is that no contestant may have more than five amateur fights in the last five years. Fighters with professional experience are barred entirely.

What's more, punching is the only action allowed during bouts. The result, of course, is chaotic and unsophisticated boxing matches.

The truth is that Toughman is nothing more than a street fight between two idiots who feel like they have something to prove. Toughman fighters don't train every day like real amateur and professional boxers—and they most certainly don't love boxing.

Toughman should be thrown in the trash where it belongs—if only to save real boxers and MMA fighters from getting a bad rap by association.  

Boxers and fighters work extremely hard to better themselves in their respective sports. Time with family and friends gets sacrificed to train—all for the love of competition.

In the end, the real fighters deserve better than to be equated with the garbage that is Toughman.

Don't believe how easy it is to get into Toughman? Just check out the site:

Don't believe how hard fighters and boxers have to train? Just do your research:

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