Every Year Is A Good Year For Sports Crime

XXX XXXSenior Writer IJuly 11, 2008

Every Year Is A Good Year For Sports Crime: Steroids may be the big talk of the town or Vick and his dogs, but that is distraction.

The story of Tim Donaghy was my sports crime of last year and also one I think was under reported.

Anytime you have a NBA referee end up on the Gambino Family crime tapes, and that just being the starting point, it really is not a good look for sports in the USA.

I was (before the Shaq trade) a lover of Phoenix Suns basketball, not through loyalty or having been a fan, but I loved the way they played.  To me always a great way to spend a couple of hours was watching them play the game that way. So to see them robbed of their rightful place in the finals due to what may have been an order from the Gambinos' was a little hard to take.

I very much loved watching David Stern's face the first time he made an appearance after that scandal broke.  All color was washed out of him, and I guess that is what they call shame.

For the TV MovieDonaghy should be played by a Baldwin brother, get Billy in there, and lets get James Gandolfini involved just to take it to that next level if we get some more money.

We must demand better...


Alby Jnr