Constant Title Changes-Not The Order Of The Day

Chathura PinnawalaContributor IMarch 24, 2010

Hello Bleachers This is my 1st article in this great site.

I have been following your article archive for sometime now and couldn't help but to express this major issue as of now.

In the past 18 months,WWE Title has changed hands 13 times.In the span only 18 pay-per-views has been held.Which brings me to my point.13 Title changes in in short period of 18 months?

That is too much devalueing of your most prestigious Title.It should have been atmost 6 title changes in that said time.For someone to be a worthy champion that wrestler must atleast hold the title for 3months if not more.If that is the case the title change would mean much more than the nowadays.

Now there is the so called "SURPRISE" factor.WWE thinks that the best way to shock us isto hand us an overdose of title changes.That cannot be further from the truth.They pit an unknown against an established one and let the former win it just to surprise us.For god's sake,You are doing that at the expense of the Championship.       You see what would be more intriguing?Dethroning a champion who has been champion for 6months,or a champion who won the title at the last pay-per-view?You see my point dont you?

Can you remember the time when Cena had that 11month long title reign?When Orton put him on the shelf?[Now dont get me wrong iam not calling for 11month title reigns]Actually when Vince McMahon awarded the title to Orton at No Mercy 07 there was an amazing reception from the crowd.Can you imagine a such a worm reception to a heel?

I dont see that these days.It's just a formality.When a heel wins the title,the babyface fans know that its a matter of time before they see their babyface champ again.

Then thre is the talk of same guys competing at the mainevent.If you can solve the afformentioned flaw this wont exist too.Because they want to exchange the strap so frequently means upcomers wont get their oppertunity.

Imagine a Champion with a long title reign.You give the ex-champ his shot first,after that you can elevate a rising superstar into the No I Contender's spot.That way you can elevate him.Even if he doesnt win the title it will make him better.

They did that brilliantly with Jeff Hardy.It took him a year to fullfill his dream from being No i contender at January to be champion by December.It was worth the wait.That kind of wait will make the viewer much happier ultimately.That's why i want Jericho to retain at WM.Edge has had 9titles,and its time for him chase a title for the 1st time.The more WWE keep the title on Jericho,the more viewer's will tune into find out how Edge finally reaches the mountain.I hope WWE doesnt mess with this rivalry,and hand Edge the title atWM.That way Jericho will be a legitimate champion,while we could have a potential great rivalry through the summer.

Now to the last point,how will this impact the credibility of superstars.

Shawn Michaels-4titles[25years],Undertaker-7titles[22years],Cena-8titles[8years],Edge-9titles[12years].Do i need to say anything?[although i love heel Edge i have to express this point]

It is a shame that someone who has worked his butt off for this business only has 4titles,compared to Cena's 8.Afterall this is the man who delivers match of the year after match of the year.

I know there is a lot of talk about WWE being PGand the product is weak.I dont have a  problem with their PG rating as long as they keep these fundamental aspects right.After all its the Wrestling side which your core audience still tunes into not the E.But if you keep pandering[quote jericho]to your so called new viewers burying the wrestling side just to entertain them it will be your slow downfall.

If you dont you are insulting the this business.[by letting Cena have8 compared to HBK's4].

Please feel free to comment about this important issue.Your positives&negatives are all welcome!