UFC 78 Predictions

Jonathan FryCorrespondent INovember 13, 2007

IconMichael Bisping vs. Rashad Evans

I see this fight as very intriguing.

Both fighters' undefeated records are on the line, as well as bragging rights to the new generation of combatants brought to us by "The Ultimate Fighter."

Evans is coming off a questionable draw against Tito Ortiz. Evans dominated two of the three rounds and should have easily won a decision over Ortiz, who himself has asked for a rematch, presumably in order to bring a little more fight against Evans.

Bisping is returning to the Octagon after what most fans have called a "bad" win over Matt Hamill.  In that fight, Bisping managed to land some strikes in the final round, but Hamil clearly dominated the first two. However, Bisping was given the split decision, which made this matchup possible.

Both fighters have something to prove, so you can expect to see fireworks from both sides. I believe Evans will come out on top, due to his better wrestling and grappling skills, but you can make an argument for Bisping's pinpoint strikes.

However, I don't think those strikes will be much of a factor, as Rashad will keep the fight in the clinch, and on the fence or the mat.

Winner: Rashad Evans, Unanimous Decision


Thiago Silva vs. Houston Alexander

If the Bisping/Evans fight lacks spark for any reason, this fight will provide it in spades.

Knockout artists Thiago Silva and Houston Alexander are going to slug it out.

If the fight stays at distance, I have to give the advantage to Silva, with his killer kicks and strikes.

However, if the fight goes to the clinch, the advantage has to go to Alexander, whose muai-thai clinch and knees have dispatched his first two victims in less then two minutes combined.

Whatever the case, this fight will end early.

Winner: Houston Alexander - TKO 3:50, Round 1 (gotta give him props for his first 2 fights)


Ryo Chonan Vs. Karo Parisyan 

This will be a real test for both fighters—especially Parisyan.

Although Chonan comes from PRIDE and has to adapt to the new UFC rules, he is a fucking ninja. Some of the things that he has pulled off in his PRIDE fights have been  nothing short of spectacular.

Parisyan is deep in the thick of things in the welterweight division. I believe he is one of the top seven welterweights right now in the UFC. His judo is second to none, and his standup has vastly improved. Its all cardio with this kid—a strong body, a strong mind, and wins that keep coming.

Winner: Karo Parisyan, Unanimous Decision


I'm writing this at 5 am Mountain Time, so I'm cutting it short. I want some feedback and to hear you guys' predictions for these fights—or any other fights coming up in the UFC.