New Jersey Nets Worst Ever??

Joshua ReeseContributor IMarch 24, 2010


Could the New Jersey Nets be the worst team ever? Well so far after 70 games they sure are. Compared to 1972-1973 76ers through there 1st 70 games they at least won 9 to the Nets 7. Deciding which team is worse, is more like trying to decide which UFC star you would rather be beating up by, it doest really matter which its still going to suck. The Nets started this season by losing 16 strait games then firing the head coach Lawrence Frank. After losing another 2 strait games they became the worst team in NBA history to start a season YAY!!! Confetti falling around everywhere and new head coach Kiki Vabdeweghe is seen talking to a reporter, and you can over here him saying “I’m so happy about this historic accomplishment, we will now be the mark for other teams to fallow for years to come” maybe he didn’t say that but it is true. His Nets need to win 2 more games to tie the 76res and 3 to not be the worst team ever or tied for it. With 12 games left and 6 playoff teams they still left to face it seems unlikely they will win even 1 more. This mudslide of a NBA season for Net players and Net fans is thankfully almost over, and it looks unlikely they have anything to look forward to in the future.