Match of The Century? The End Of The Heartbreak Kid

Mitch KilpatrickContributor IMarch 23, 2010

As most know, Wrestlemania XXVI is this Sunday in Arizona. I am very enthused and excited for the many heated rivalries that have led up to the "Grandaddy" of them all, Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania weekend will kick off at the annual hall of fame in which legend trainer Stu Hart will be inducted thanks to Steve Austin demanding him in this years class last Monday night. This may not be the best hall of fame class being inducted, but they all deserve the right to be hall of famers of one of the greatest sports and entertainment ever. I have many matches I could talk about, but I will focus on a rivaly since last year's Wrestlemania.


Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

This is it, the streak vs. the career. Undertaker will be going into Wrestlemania 17-0. Will he come out the victor and 18-0, or will Mr. Wrestlemania continue his long, triumpful career on top. This has been speculated to be the best match of the 21st century.

I hate to break it to the fans who think Shawn Michaels will win because I am a very big fan of him myself, but a time comes when everyone wants to let something go. Shawn said last year after a Wrestlemania loss to the Undertaker in a radio conference that he would like to make his retirement date in March of 2010 which happend to be Wrestlemania. Story line writers jumped on the idea of a career ending match at a pay-per-view. Undertaker wants to take his aggresion out on the Heartbreak Kid after his nemesis caused him the title in last months pay per view during an elimination chamber. Shawn was denied a chance at the title back in January in the royal rumble. His only option then to face the Phenom was to interfere. Undertaker lost the title and now of course there is a match between them. Everything has fell apart for Michaels. Michaels has no bookings after Wrestlemania. What does this tell you?

Prediction: Undertaker