Ok We Got Whitehurst, But Is This The End?

Pablo AssContributor IJune 14, 2016

Hello Seahawk fans!:  As many of you know we swaped a 2 round pick with the chargers and gave away, yes another 3rd round draft pick! Oh no we wernt trading for Brandon Marshall but......The all mighty 7th round worth qb Charlie Whitehurst! And the crowd goes wild! All of the seagalls are asking were he gets his hair done and pete carrol gave him a free cupon for a peticure!! Hmmmmm tell me why didnt we just trade a washer machine for him! It would have been a bargain! But dont worry Seahawk fans! Now we got a bald Qb and a hippie one! Like OMG HOW COOL (i wonder who does his hair?) Pete Carrol Boasted! Ok obviously were screwed. I would rather have Jimmy CLausen who would be available at 6th pick! But now we got this new fluffy hair Qb! But dont worry hawk fans! We will end up taking Gerald McCoy at 6 and Cj Spiller at 14. Many of you pms(Er) seahawk fans are going: *sob *sob*. The smarty ones are going oh goody! Ok think about it If thats how are 1st round picks end up we will be in postion to draft Tony Washington once again the pms seahawks fans are crying a river for our homo *cough* I mean Whitehurst to swim in! Once again Oh Goody! Ok for all of you who dont know who Tony Washington is. Well he is thought to be the next Michael Oher! He would be the best OT in the draft if he didnt get into off field problems to much. But he is a Diamond in the ruff. Ok and back to our Qb drama! Obviously Whitehurst isnt going to get us to a superbowl nor is hasslbreakshisback . Thats why we take.....the next steve young next year...........Jake Locker home town hero! That is all of our dreams Gerald McCoy Spiller, Washington, The Lockester!!!!  Oh yeah seahawks fans expect a rams like season and a 1st pick in the draft (but on the bright side our rookies will do great!)

Or is all of this really a smokescreen to aqcuire Clausen??